UFO Sightings UFOs Over Las Vegas Breaking News Multiple UFOs Over Vegas Strip! Aug 20 2012

Incredible UFO footage shot by Steven Johnson of Las Vegas Nevada! Mass UFO Sighting! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype


31 Comments on “UFO Sightings UFOs Over Las Vegas Breaking News Multiple UFOs Over Vegas Strip! Aug 20 2012”

  1. I lived there for 6 years, lived a few blocks from LV Blvd and Flamingo. My 6:00 am strolls to work were VERY interesting.

  2. no..i belive taht this are evil demons,,,angels..anuki… liers….like the sumerians and the babylonians.. people dont belive in lucifer.

  3. This is actually fake. Those things you see hovering around are birds they are flying irregular because the light that's shining upward is attracting small bugs that u can't see.. The birds are in a feeding frenzy. Do your research don't believe everything you see lol.

  4. Why the skepticism ..if the Guy loves the illuminati he's stupid but that doesn't mean everything is bullshit LOL..birds DONT look orange jekoff especially since there were several sighted in Vegas last week.

  5. lol…i agree. why does he have to be so dramatic and animated. like a scary magician. i like his website and videos. some of the best on youtube, but damn dude. don't start turning into a creepy alien yourself and scaring folks away…lol.

  6. Hey Blake don't change the way u perform ur presentations..
    keep it up!!
    Reminds me of late 80's early 90's Miami Vice
    it's cool bro!

  7. Blake – less fake tan, less constipation and less of that arrogant unqualified attitude….not doing the cause any good

  8. With all the negative comments, Blake should do an actual interview telling people why hw does what hes doing and what his personal views are all about. In his videos he sometimes makes personal comments , but rare. Adviously, hes well off and does not need the money persay, is that a pantera he drives? Lives in a mansion? I`m curious what hes really all about. Who funds his traveling and such? Has he had any experiences himself? ect.. Are you not curious as well? Blake!! a challenge for you!!!

  9. share international put out a Press Release about these sightings some of them they say are "The Star Sign" seen on YT who knows.

  10. Clearly CGI, no stars, buildings, lights or other objects in the frame, except the ones of the skyline which are blurry. And he puts music over it as always. I haven't seen anything from this guy that isn't laughable.

  11. Does anyone know of where I can find any information on abductions that have specifically taken place in Las Vegas. I've been looking into something odd that happened to me that was around this time (the weekend of the 11-12 of 2012 to be specific) and this is the closest thing I can find to activity around that time. If anyone has any info, let me know. If it was them, I was lucky. >_>

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