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June 24/21 – Lorien Fenton, Joe and Ben from UFO Garage, and Ryan Stacey

With the UFO world and the media anxiously awaiting the release of the UFO files from the Pentagon, we take a serious look at what may come out of Washington, D.C., as the great debate about ‘Disclosure’. Joining us to discuss this hot topic of discussion are Ben Jinkins & Joe Strelsky from ‘UFO Garage’ Podcast, Lorien Fenton from ‘The Fenton Files’ and Ryan Stacey from The Experiencers Support Association and host of the ‘Beyond The TinFoil’ Podcast.

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  1. Occultists, real ones that is, were always aware of these beings. Back in 1990, I used to visit The Occult Emporium in Allentown regularly. The owner, Mr. Solomon (great name), showed me 6 crystal clear photos of the classic saucer shape…two different events, three pictures each. I asked him how he got so lucky to have captured these, and he responded that he was in contact with them. At the time I thought he was nuts and the connection between magic and ETs was completely lost on me (I was extremely esoterically green at the time). If one perseveres in said occult studies and practices, eventually they receive their own confirmation, rendering media cover/exposure pointless. It also heightens the supersensory perceptions to detect the presence of BS, of which there’s a plenty in media and through which the puppets are allowed to speak.

  2. I disagree about older people, a lot DO KNOW about this truth, even my parents’ generation. These were guys that saw this stuff in war.

  3. I believe I know what is behind this sudden "disclosure hype" about UFOs (now rebranded as UAPs for unidentified aerial phenomena) by the government of the USA. Let us consider the current political situation of the world. There is a new Cold War brewing between the United States of America on one side and the Chinese Communist Party on the other. What makes a cold war "cold" is the fact that the rivaling powers do not directly engage in combat, preferring instead to finance other nations's conflicts. From the first cold war we had these so called proxy wars between groups supported by the Soviet Union and by the USA, such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and military coups, the assassination of high level government authorities and diplomats, as well as civil wars in third world countries.
    One important ingredient is the possession of intercontinental ballistic missiles by both rivals, assuring CERTAIN MUTUAL DESTRUCTION in the case of a nuclear strike from any of them. In a nuclear war there are no winners.
    Imagine a technology capable of rendering the other nation's nuclear capabilities obsolete, a system to detect and destroy enemy missiles before they can reach the target. This would completely imbalance the status quo. The USA has been researching laser weapons and, more recently, magnetically accelerated projectiles, both technologies perfect for use in space. Russia and China, on the other hand, are developing hypersonic weapons capable of outmaneuvering the enemy's defenses.
    Here comes the creation of the fourth branch of the US military, the Space Force, on December 20th, 2019.
    All this hype about unidentified aerial phenomena, the communicators chosen to be the voice of the disclosure (the most prominent being Luis Elizondo), the report… Everything is just a well coordinated public relations stunt to drag attention to the need to weaponize space, with political support from the US senate, in order to mobilize the trillions of dollars needed for the ultimate space race. Stakes are high: The winner takes Earth, the Moon and beyond.

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