UFO: The Urzi Case. The beginning of an exceptional Story. Леденящий ужас.

The Urzi Case. The beginning of an exceptional Story

In the last few years unaccountable puzzling events have been taking place on the outskirts of Milan, in Italy. Unidentified aircraft hover just in front of the windows of an anonymous house.
The phenomenon keeps recurring with a high frequency.
A young man films them with his camera, producing UFO footage absolutely unique in history. The image quality, the length of the footage and the different types of objects astonish the experts.
What is happening? Who are the mysterious visitors?

An extraordinary event that stimulates the interest of experts all over the world. A new enigma to solve: the Urzi Case, a mystery in the skies of Italy.
It is certainly not very common for people to have the extraordinary experience of spotting and filming a UFO. Even less frequent are those who can do it repeatedly. Antonio Urzi is one of them. The number of objects he has sighted is very large, having collected almost a hundred films.


25 Comments on “UFO: The Urzi Case. The beginning of an exceptional Story. Леденящий ужас.”

  1. These videos confirm it….extra terrestials….hope they don't look like those damn creatures from a quiet place.

  2. Filmer might be In on the Stunt Relaying info back to the investors or Military But more likely they picked the area because there are no Firearms Powerful enough that are owned by Citizens that could Shoot down the UFO CRAFTS. Proof that its man made is on one of the videos the UFO Operator Forgot to Shut off its Flash Strobes.. it has to have it when the craft returns to it's well hidden base so it won't be Hit by any other incoming or outgoing Crafts. And can be identified. The agenda is to make Citizens think there are others worlds with life and think Aliens are A real entity.. IT'S ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS..

  3. Some crafts are organic beings. Some crafts are like fungi. There are many types across the galaxy. Use your imagination.

  4. For I to have been touch by these alien specie one in flight over my house they take me to do experiment type thing on me

  5. I don't understand how this person gets to see UFO's when billions of people can't see them, I traveled all over the world and never spotted a UFO. When a particular persons spots UFO again and again… something ain't right.

  6. I've seen these orbs They Smell like Ammonia
    And move out of this world my experience was 1993 a pack of four Appear above the Trees on the Cliff a Great Distance from Me in a split second one Ball split from the pack and stopped Nose to Nose I had to step Back one Step Raised my hand it went other side my hand


  8. Because the footage is so good it must be fake ? Almost all comments on you tube are people complaining the images arent clear so must be fake . I have no idea if there are visitors from other worlds checking us out but what if just one of all these millions of stories ,pictures & videos was real & not fake ?

  9. I believe the pictures are real. However,..I'm not convinced it's an alien craft. I wouldn't be surprised if it was some top secret black ops program designed to convince people that aliens exist! Until an actual extra terrestrial being stands next to me I'll never believe that aliens are real. As time goes on the pictures of these things seems to get better and better. Just like they've got it down to a science.
    I haven't seen very many video pictures of these things taking off at unbelievable speeds. Always pictures of craft hovering overhead and in the distance with no real way of judging how big or solid it really is. If you ever wondered why the government always manages to be the only ones around when a crashed alien craft is amazingly recovered it's because they are the only ones sending these things up to fly around just where they want incase the thing goes down! There's allot of money to be made by continuing this lie. They want to militarize space around this planet and put bases on the moon. Whoever rules the air and space will ultimately rule the world!

  10. I call Massive dollops of bullshit on this one. If he sees so many, why not use a tripod? Shaky grainy footage of a model suspended from fishing wire. 15 mins…it is quite clearly an airplane with the sun reflecting of it, you can clearly see the tail fin! Also the main silver disc has no background other than sky. Fake fake fake

  11. I'm not curious about UFO's, I know they are out there. What I don't know, is, who this man is, what make him so special to them to swarm around him !

  12. This was proved to be fake, they are just some odd buttons attached to the adjustable window, he's a fashion designer so has stores of buttons to choose from. They look fake.

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