UFO TV NEWS – NASA Bill Nelson Saw UAP Videos during Armed Services Committee – CSPAN

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A segment taken from a C-SPAN live news broadcast on June 2, 2021, of a Press Conference held by NASA at the Agency Headquarters in Washington DC.
NASA Administrator and former Senator Bill Nelson states that he has seen UAP / UFO video footage while serving in the 113th & 114th United States Congress Armed Services Committee, and actually spoke with pilots. This is very interesting, did he speak with them during some of the closed door meetings that were held by AATIP’s Lue Elizondo and pilot witnesses..?

The timeframe of service that then Senator Bill Nelson served on the Armed Services Committee was from 2013 to 2017.

This must also mean that the Armed Services Committee had been briefed on the topic, either via AATIP or an internal enquiry, and that the briefings paperwork, and pilot reports should have come before quite a few significant political leadership.

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26 Comments on “UFO TV NEWS – NASA Bill Nelson Saw UAP Videos during Armed Services Committee – CSPAN”

  1. Interesting! Glad you shared this. Can't say I spend a lot of time watching C-Span so this one otherwise might have slipped under my radar. Thank you!!!!

  2. Bill was genuinely answering the question whereas Thomas just deflected the question outright.

    He did not provide any comment on what Bill asked him to comment on. He just straight up went for the typical mumbo jumbo.

    Bill essentially said, the videos are real, hes seen them (probably the whole footage) and the pilots truly believe in what they saw, so Fravor and the others arent simply lying as many people have implied (as Bill talked to them before this whole thing blew up).

  3. if you ask me, NaSa can't be trusted or any high lvl agency for that matter. they are the reason we are in this mess to begin with. have a great day/night everybody ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Zurbuchen guy talked without answering the question or anything important… Wow they are desperate to keep it secret.. You can see how nervous they got just by listening to their voices… Unbelievably disappointing..

  5. The Zimbabwe Ruwa aerial school encounter made me believe that some of these UAP things are real!!!! Period!!!! Also these UFOs might not be flying objects like we think! Listen to Lue Elizondo!

  6. Nature has surprised us again. It can create flying objects that someone may even think to be operated intelligently and breaking the sound barrier without causing a sonic boom. Yeah, right.

  7. Well, now! NASA's official position has been to deny any interest whatsoever in UAP. Well, well, well.

  8. This is called incompetent deflection. You might be looking at it going durrr? I'm not.

  9. https://youtu.be/u3Mqvex6tIE

    Scientist Lex Friedman has Scientist Sam Harris on and discusses what he and other normal scientists will do if and/or when disclosure happens and its revealed that they're not human…very interesting to see this finally start to get inside the regular scientific community and see how they might end up dealing with this…it seems as he said that inside information that they are in fact not human is being slowly given to the regular scientific community and has already been given to them for a while now by quietly giving them info behind all our backs so as to give them time to deal with the fact that we're not alone and how they are going to answer for the fact that they denied and ridiculed and humiliated anyone who believed or talked about it for decades and that they will not be looking good after disclosure….

  10. Yes, we underestimate natural phenomena that fly at 13,000 ft, ascend to 80,000 ft, appear and disappear visually and on radar & have no wings or visible means of propulsion. Clearly this was some undiscovered specie of 40ft butterfly.

    For a rocket scientist, this guy is pretty dumb.

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