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Full segment of Special Report on an area in Montana that is full of ‘High Strangeness’, including sightings of UFOs accompanied by possible Alien Creature sightings, Cars that stall, and even a terrible murder case.
A scary and creepy area known as Redgate near Deer Lodge in Montana has over the years gained a notorious reputation as being a zone of paranormal and supernatural occurrences, with many UFO events as well, mirroring the same phenomena that has been seen to be occurring at the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah

“It’s just very rich in the paranormal field, like the UFOs, lights in the sky, unexplainable things,” said Donald Bromley of Deer Lodge.
Bromley experienced paranormal activity when he put up a trail cam in the Redgate area two years ago. The strange, ghost-like figure he captured has brought him national attention from paranormal investigators.

“The first one to think it was a person, but then the more I look at it was just odd, it was out of place and everything just matches the alien persona the bigger bulbous head, you can tell he has no clothes, it’s kind of a transparent being,” said Bromley.

“There have been several people they’re driving around and they see something really bizarre just fly across the sky out of nowhere. I’ve heard stories of people just happen to be up here and out of nowhere their car just stalls out for no reason,” said Cutler.

Montana Tech Professor of Biological Anthropology Dr. Michael Masters of Butte recently wrote a book called “Identified Flying Objects.” He contends that UFOs could be time machines and its people from our future are coming back to study mankind.

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20 Comments on “UFO TV NEWS – Redgate Montana Hotspot – Another Skinwalker Ranch – KRTV”

  1. I love this! The world is definitely taking this more seriously. We need the curiosity to reach a fever pitch & get some answers forced out in the open. Great video as always! Much respect; much love!

  2. How can the government say the UFOs aren't aliens if they don't know what they are? The theory that its people from our future to study us is ludicrous. And he wrote a book and people are probably buying it. I'm going to start my book now. Happy Day

  3. Thanks for the upload as always. And I love the DUNE reference in your background. People are slowly starting to open their eyes.

  4. A being I met looked much like the camera capture. Although it wasn't creeping around like this figure seems to. I'd say that was added drama for a hoax.
    I'm sure this is a hotspot. If you visit with proper intent you'll meet them.

    With hotspots though come hoaxers. It's their nature to hoax.

  5. 2:40 I must get this book
    He is correct. Our evolved species offshoots not only coming to study, but to prevent WW3 from happening again.

  6. I live in Butte, we literally see lights dancing in the sky twice or more a month. It's known to be good a measure to keep quiet about it, the stigma can ruin reputations around here pretty fast.

  7. I know you're incredibly busy, so a huuge cheers for all these updates and uploads, CG. You're doing the lord's work 👏🏻 💯

    I love Dr Michael P. Masters PhD 2:20! 👽

  8. If it's time travel why do they always say they are from the future. They could be from the past

  9. It was cute when the presenter said ‘high strange’ instead of ‘high strangeness’ – goes to show how there are so many gaps in the plebiscites knowledge/ understanding. 🖖🏼

  10. I'm really not into the "time traveller" theory, but I really appreciate that anthropologists saying scientists need to get more involved.

    Then he pronounced it "aca-DAY-mia" and I almost lost it.

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