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Full segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight – Fox News interview with Lue Elizondo, the former Director of AATIP (The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) about the alleged Pentagon campaign to discredit him, what data is out there on the UAP / UFO mystery, and what can we expect to be released to the public.

Mr. Elizondo is also a former Senior Counterintelligence Officer for the Department of Defense ( DoD ).
Being primarily focused on secretive investigations of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena ( UAPs ) more commonly known as Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFOs ) the classified program first garnered the attention of the public on December 16, 2017, when the world was stunned by an article published by the NY Times publication entitled “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program”.
The program was initiated in 2007, with an approved budget of $22 million to be used until 2012 when the program would either cease, or request further budget appropriations.
The Department of Defense reported that the program indeed ended in 2012 after a working period of 5 years.
There has since been wide speculation that the program did in fact continue under another name, along with other alleged investigative groups.
Mr. Elizondo has an extensive background serving in a variety of capacities for the Pentagon / Department of Defense being specially trained for strategic and tactical special operations which led to many sensitive and critical missions in the warzones of the Middle East, and counter narco-operations in South America.
Mr. Elizondo was also a key official in ensuring to keep America safe, strengthening the National Security of the United States by serving in the capacity of intelligence-gathering in Guantanamo Bay, against many of America’s most murderous, and notorious adversaries.
Since leaving the AATIP program, Mr. Elizondo has made it a personal crusade to get over many obstacles and hurdles in order to pursue continued research and investigations into the mystery of the UFOs that have buzzed US Navy Carrier Strike groups around the world, flown with impunity into restricted air space, interacted with sensitive National Defense assets, and traversed trans-medium environments such as Space, the Oceans, and the Skies around the globe..

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FOX NEWS – Tucker Carlson Tonight
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23 Comments on “UFO TV NEWS – There is a LOT of DATA – Time for Truth – Lue Elizondo – FOX News”

  1. the way I approach this is I trust Lue until he gives me a reason not to; to this point he appears to be genuine and sincere in his intentions and I personally believe he has been very intelligent and deliberate in his actions and remarks; with that being said I am aware he was at one time part of the government/military apparatus but I, for one, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt; he has definitely helped generate a ton of momentum

  2. I trust Lue and believe he is fighting to do the right thing. Generally I'm just sitting back and examining it as it comes in.

  3. Elizondo is simply experiencing the same treatment other whistleblowers have gotten in the past. Greer and his team have gotten far worse. Bob Lazar had his credentials scrubbed. Email deletion is relatively minor by comparison to what has happened to others.

  4. Thank you miss this one.
    I'm glad Lou is calling out the Pentagon.
    I get the whole dispute between these crafts being peaceful or dangerous, but the only way Congress or any military branch would take the subject seriously as if it is a national security concern.
    I would like to know what flies 13,000 mph and can withstand 700 g's and is flying in protected US restricted airspace.

  5. I'm beginning to think the Pentagon is not going to reveal anything big to us but is going to continue the cover-up… 😡

  6. I know Tucker's one of the first ones to take this seriously (in this era, at least) but isn't that intro a bit silly?

  7. The triangle subscribe button is going to get you in trouble, speaking from experience people will think you are in the illuminati.

  8. Lou Elizondo's position in the military was…a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent. Or as I like to refer to them a "Spook". His job was to prevent or thwart spying, intelligence gathering, and sabotage by an enemy or other 'foreign entity.' I think we can safely assume the U.S. Army Counterintelligence considers UFOs a threat to the U.S. With respect, I have a couple of questions for Mr. Elizondo. Are there any Aliens in Camp 7 if so how are they being fed? TY and TYFYS

  9. No. Those of us that know through direct contact never cared about being laughed at. In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed woman is Queen.

  10. Really need to see an ROE report or protocol infraction report of some sort. If they are above controlled airspace there should be some info out there confirming this. The redacted report that will be given to Congress will be filled with black lines. This goes way above anyone in any governments capacity. We need to be pressuring congress to divulge to the American and world public what information we have so as to inform and educate our species.

  11. They are required by law to release this information to congress but no one oversees that all of the information is being released and the correct information is being released.

    It’s like i am a USAF/pentagon official elitie and we have the information and I am subponead by the US gov to release this information but I dont wanna tell them we have recovered offworld vehicles and so i put these artificats and most of the informetion into private defense contractor’s posession because this is invaluable hardware (Crown jewel for military operations) for reasons such as having to cooperate with the government/congress and relinquish control of this crown jewel invaluable tech and information —We don’t want loss of control of this top secret information because of the tech, and we dont want it taken out of our hands and into the hands of the representatives of the people (dems and republicans) —Im the only one who knows where the files are and im the one who has authorization and accesss to these computer files, And so I pick and choose what info is released and what the narrative is because i don’t believe the representatives of the people (congress) is sensible enough to manage this information and i dont want to gove up info on the tech and have to surrender it it to the hands of congress because many have selfish agendas only to gain political favour from mainstream society to get relected and todays MAINstream society may be a little overreactionary and lack tje competency to handle such information—because the loudest ones are the meetoo’s

    I can see why they dont want to release this information lol

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