UFO TV NEWS – UNCLASSIFIED Report could Drop Today – Sean Cahill – FOX News

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Full segment of FOX NEWS report on possibility of Pentagon UFO / UAP unclassified report dropping today, and interview with Sean Cahill.
Sean Cahill is an investigative filmmaker and retired U.S. Navy Chief Master-at-Arms. He served on various vessels and duty stations abroad; most notably he was part of the bridge crew onboard the USS Princeton during the infamous Tic-Tac UAP incident with the USS Nimitz in 2004.
Sean is featured on episode three of the History Channel’s Six Part Documentary: Unidentified: Inside Americaโ€™s UFO Investigation. His continuing efforts include projects on consciousness, ancient indigenous culture and UAP/UFO de-stigmatization.

This really marks a Paradigm Shift in TV coverage being serious about the research, investigation, and transparency in regards to the UFO / UAP topic.
The panelists agree that this can no longer be something to be scoffed at or laughed at, and that it’s time for people to start treating this subject with seriousness, in public, media, and Government circles.

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20 Comments on “UFO TV NEWS – UNCLASSIFIED Report could Drop Today – Sean Cahill – FOX News”

  1. My guess it will drop late next week. Lets hope one of our politicians will leak the classified part.

  2. Hopefully something substantial will be in the report but i think the report will give us breadcrumbs that will leave us wanting more. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. he sounds like a good man. glad he said that is was more then only some couple of years in the making.

  4. Well hopefully the report has some good stuff. These recent leaked videos have been debunked so I'm interested to see what the pentagon is actually up to and what their intentions are.

  5. Wow awesome! … Mr. Cahill I am sincerely proud of you and hopefully I'm speaking on behalf of my two-year-old daughter my entire family all my friends and distant acquaintances in the entire Global UFO research community over the past 70 to 100 years, and hopefully my questions to you last week with Cristina helped you to ask some even more important questions such as the many decades or longer of these exact craft appearing way before 2004 and the fact that alien and or interdimensional craft and technology and pieces of wreckage and possibly even bodies are in the possession of private contractors to avoid Congressional oversight and subpoenas since the 1950s or earlier:) great work man! ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. If the public knew the US government has had communication with Extraterrestrials since the 1930s they would freak out. Aliens are real, they've been here far longer than mankind, and humans are not at the top of the food chain. Silly, naive, arrogant humans.

  7. I think Sean and Lue shld take this forward..they seem well spoken nd confident…u shldnt blab…need kind of a navy seal like mental fortitude to express such logic from absurd premises even if its true… โœŒ

  8. They can make a proper Star Trek ship now instead of crappy rockets waisting all that fuel Greta Tomberg with be pleased, lol.

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