UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM: Merch Store, The BIG PHONE HOME, and Steven Greenstreet!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day, and aloha! UCR is your home for credible news reviews and commentary on everything #UAPs and #UFOs! Your Host Luis Jimenez. And co-host Michael Mataluni! Come aboard, let’s get weird!

Today we review the documentary “Mirage Men” I reviewed this film a long time ago, and Michael Mataluni has never seen it! So this should be a good time! We have UFO Jane will be joining us as usual for her always interesting perspective.

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8 Comments on “UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM: Merch Store, The BIG PHONE HOME, and Steven Greenstreet!”

  1. What kind of show is this? … I scrolled into an hour in the show, and no one has talked about UFOs yet… Zzzzzzzzzz… Later

  2. Another great show. However I don't like how you guys talk about Elizondo "behind his back" but when he is on your channel you all act like you trust him and are buddy buddy…. Is it just to agree with whoever your guest is on that days episode? Idk. Just wish you stood up for those people who come on your show that you believe.. If Elizondo is somebody you don't , then I hope you tell him that next time he's on. And I like Greenstreet, but he sure gives a lot of criticism and says this needs to be done and that needs to be done, or this isn't done right or this person isn't doing it right or is lying…yet I don't see anything new or big coming out from him.

  3. Roswell a Soviet spy balloon? Pretty odd spot to test out a secret spy balloon…. You know they actually have spots to test out secret stuff like that right?

  4. If our government thought these were Russian or Chinese drones all they would need to do is come out and say it publicly… "We have Russia And Chinese drones coming into our airspace to try to spy on us and it's from here on going to be treated as an act of war!" That not only would embarrass Russia and China for being exposed… Because the "secret super advanced technology" had been exposed but would also really drive more money vs doing what greenstreet said as it being some secret conspiracy 1:51:00 no Luis these are not garage made drones made from junk parts… You can't get from Russia to the U.S. Or China to the U.S.with a quad copter drone… And even if they took off the from ocean on a boat our military would have that picked up on radar as it would need to still be somewhat close to land to make it here and back to the boat to land… Our country would not just let these things fly around in our airspace if we thought they were other countries tech like Russia or China….THINK ABOUT IT… We would shoot them down right away… You think our military would be like , " oh it's Russia and China flying those secret drones again!!! Damn wish we could do something….but let's just let them fly around and spy, Because God forbid we shoot one down and expose Russia or China publicly and embarrassing then for getting caught so blatantly "…Also Because something has lights means it's definitely human made? Even though for hundreds of years we have reported lights on craft in our sky? Make no sense to me. Or that we have cracked this reversed engineered tech decades ago…like in the 50's? But not one person has come out who claims to have been a pilot of one of these reversed engineered craft? That's my issue with that idea. And if that happened private companies would have been the one to figure it out…and a private company wants to make money…and would never hold back a major tech breakthrough from the 1950's until now

  5. the biggest Military budget making up ufo stories to get more finance is ridiculous.. if russia or china had this thech it would be on the market.. The US army needs an adversary to stay legit I think we are moving from earthly targets to space so the USA can keep the budget growth numbers… and superiority

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