#UFO #UAP LIVESTREAM: Political Analyst Jazz Shaw Breaks Down HR 4350

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Today, we chatted with UCR regular Jazz Shaw! Jazz is Editor/Reporter for Salem Media and The Debrief. US Navy veteran. Dolphin Emperor of the strange and unusual. Today he talked about his new article in HotAir.com titled Is “Congress about to say “the unthinkable” in its UAP investigations?”

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Link to Discussion with Rep. Ruben Gallego

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9 Comments on “#UFO #UAP LIVESTREAM: Political Analyst Jazz Shaw Breaks Down HR 4350”

  1. Not that I'm not happy as hell we're seeing action on the UFO subject because I am. Im just reflecting on how crazy it is that we're talking about aliens before Americans have decent healthcare or college. We rank dead last in healthcare among wealthy countries. If 60 thousand deaths a year from people not being able to afford healthcare was considered a national security threat maybe we'd have healthcare. Just thought that was nuts.

  2. If aliens are real we'd better get over the gridlocked stupid partisan divide very quickly… a united front would be absolutely decisive

  3. Great show. On the budget discussion near the start it’s worth remembering that the ASRO body can also call on other teams / departments to use the resources from their budgets. As John Ramirez also said many of these agencies have authority to draw down resources from the general budget for their activities. So 2 or 3 or even 1 billion can be multiplied many times in this set up when you look at total resources deployed.

  4. The Big Phone home and the push to get congressmen and women to look into the topic is a big step in the right direction. The congressmen and women have been pushed cause of the effort of the Big Phone home. Looking forward to number 3. And with me in it 😉

  5. ASRO patches have been on my mind! haha. Holding my horses until the office is established though! Great show folks!:)

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