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Today we have a chat with Red Panda Koala, a youtube documentary filmmaker with a real keen eye for facts, and designed for people new to the subject.

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  1. They couldn't hide tide the money???

    Are you kidding me?

    The Federal Reserve (central banking assholes) lost 1 to 3 TRILLION DOLLARS and when questioned about it told the senate he wasn't going to answer.

    Within a few weeks (or daus) 911 happened. No mention of it since.

    The total amount hidden (stolen) from the American people is estimated between 30 and 40 trillion.

    As far as keeping secrets????

    So easy and done all the time. Compromise them with honey pots, drugs, sex, kids….kill someone they know.

    Remember the judge who's daughters boyfriend got in a minor accident and his car blew up and burned for a day. Fire department couldn't put it out.

    Message received and understood. The judge did as he was told.

    Tortured and drugged, kept awake for days….the toughest will break.

    If you can't keep a secret they can remove it or scramble your memories.

    Control is something they have so much experience with.

  2. Demi lovato's show is a huge waste of time. Only episode 4 is somewhat worth a watch. She says mermaids are real in the Show, for fucks sake

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