UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM: Review of "UFO" on Showtime

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Michael is out sick today while we review the much anticipated and divisive showtime 4 part series called “UFO.” Join Rather, UFO Jane, Manny Miranda, and Daniel Miller as we discuss what we loved and didn’t, and of course, give a score!

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9 Comments on “UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM: Review of "UFO" on Showtime”

  1. About that UFO show. Intel is okay but I think that they try to auto debunk at the same time with stupid animations

  2. Here is the link I talked about for the free streaming of the Showtime series on UFOs https://www2.swatchseries.ru/movie/ufo-kxw46 also has all the other series you can think of..And movies… Thank me later 😎. Also I highly doubt that decades ago we had a balloon tech that was functionality able to go from 0-mach 10…because just recently nasa was testing the X-43A at speeds of mach 7..or 7,000mph.. And preparing to try to get to mach 10… And look at how easily you can see this doesn't look like any UAP we are seeing lol https://youtu.be/IiBsD-cafH8

  3. We Also should consider the government might be letting this narrative out that these UAPs are all secret tech because they know it's really not human made and what a better way to cover that up then by acting like we're keeping those huge secret…And they're kinda mad/acting that people are slowly seeing this "secret tech"..And they might even have to "admit" some of it is our tech just to further keep hidden the reality that these are really non human made UAPs…. It's possible right? Lol

  4. Lu, A LOT IS NOT MILITARY, there was a crash here in Brazil in 1996 that had 3 alien passengers that were seen by A LOT of people, a whole hospital was isolated by our military and even legists examined the dead bodies. In the end everything seems to have been sent to the U.S. (they were the ones who contacted our military telling of the UFO had crashed)

  5. Why does Luis seem to always be off on his details? The Bennewitz case he references at like 25:00 in the vid states that he was catching drone 'swarm' tech.. That is not what he was picking up. He was picking up just DRONE tech, not drone SWARM tech. Wtf is Luis smoking? How can a guy who seems to make this topic his bread and butter be so off and unaware of so many actual facts about incidents.

  6. I personally feel like Elizondo is a guy that's seen a LOT of crazy stuff that he's not allowed to talk about due to his NDA, but wants it all to come out to the public without him having to say it and potentially losing everything, maybe even going to prison because of it.

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