UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM: "Science Bob" McGwier

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Today, we chat with “Science Bob” McGwier, a member and Supporter of SkyHub. Founder Federated Wireless & Hawkeye 360. Auburn U. BS, Ph.D. Brown U. in Applied Math. How did Bob get his nickname? Has he ever had an experience? What’s the best way for mainstream Science to jump in the deep end of the fringe pool? Let’s hear what Bob has to say!

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8 Comments on “UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM: "Science Bob" McGwier”

  1. Rather is a true scientist; weighing what evidence he can to come to a logical conclusion. It's difficult for believers like myself, who have seen, first hand, on several occasions, UFO/UAPs, but I deeply admire his being true to himself regardless of comments about him. Let's open our minds and hearts to those who have a difference of opinion and embrace different perspectives. It makes us all smarter.

  2. This guy has no credibility. He's just riding the ufo wave for attention and making everyone on ufotwitter think he has some inside intelligence "sources"

  3. Way to go UCR! Loved the show like usual! Can't wait for the next Big Phone Home! I was really shocked to see another channel on YouTube actually bash the upcoming "event" , even going as far as bashing this channel and personal attacks. It's sad to see others do this in our UAP community. It's one thing to have civil disagreements, but to attack others for getting people together.. to have open discussion and then calling for real action from the viewers. Like really? How is talking and calling for action a bad thing? Then of course the personal attacks started … All I think it boils down to is some sort of jealousy. It's really sad that we have to deal with that so much in this topic. Just wanted to share my support. And screw the haters. Oh and I didn't really want to name the channel or post the recent video of the hateful attacks..not sure if many even saw it as his channel is fairly small, but still the way he did it just really rubbed me the wrong way. But I guess if anyone thinks I'm lying or really wants to see what I'm talking about I will post the link if needed.

  4. 1:08:50 pretty sure Tucker Carlson already had a series on Fox nation not about UAPs.But doesn't matter ..what does is how he (Tucker)is really misunderstood and how the left paints him out to be some evil racist when he really is not. If anyone took the time to actually watch Tucker for a few weeks. Not just a few short clips from a left media site. You would also see that he is a normal guy. So I think this is great. More media attention the better. And yes he gets huge numbers…ask yourself why… Is it because everyone who watches him is a racist too? Really?…that's not true ..And when you even mentioned that Lue is just spreading false information and keeps dividing. I could say "sure some racists watch x" ,how does that help? Not only is is not helpful but it also is one of the worst things you can call a person….so of course it makes the right mad.. Because 99% of people are not racist in my opinion. So sure "some racists watch Tucker" just as I'm sure that inside that 1 % some watch other shows not under the Republican umbrella.. So let's calm down and try to have conversations and at least listen to others .. You can disagree that's fine. But listen and try to see things from the other side.it will bring people together. I would say this If it was a person on the left who the right says bad things about too. I've voted for democrats and republicans, and all the name calling and ish really turns me off to whatever side is doing it. That's all I needed to say.lol. Smile people

  5. Rather It's hard for those not in the military or who understand the technology used, or if your not a fighter pilot, or weapons systems operator to understand what was on those navy videos. And yes it goes along with the other data and eyewitnesses because that all matters. Maybe see this from Chris Lehto. To think our best fighter pilots and military can't identify a "missing jet" or a bird is just not right. It just shows you need to talk to more in the military and really understand that they do this daily as a full time job… This was from today https://youtu.be/JPU8oej82K4 I personally know a black hawk helicopter pilot and I know how much he trains and works…And he has told me after seeing what I've shown him that he absolutely trusts the totality of the evidence…And that so many things would have to go wrong for it to be another navy jet or a bird ect. And that those fighter pilots seeing it with their own eyes….is enough for him personally. Because he said that the radar data that isn't public would also confirm a lot.And if it contradicted anything from the personal eyewitness they wouldn't have came out publicly. And that's true, wish we could see it. But I trust those pilots and I'm sure everything confirmed what they saw.also on the NASA UAP meeting tomorrow, it says in the article the uaptf is briefing them. Got to read the whole thing lol😁 "The UAPTF is providing a classified briefing on UAP to the national aeronautics and space administration"

  6. Tucker Carlson is racist ( and racism isn’t political) all because I’m black he will think of me as less of a person so if I go talk to him about UFO you think he’s going to take me serious because he already hate me because of my race..

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