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Today we have a chat with Ted Roe, who helps run NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena), a website dedicated to Pilots and Aviation Professionals who want to report UAPs confidentially without fear of stigma or retaliation since 1999. Recently Ted spoke at the AIAA conference and shares his thoughts on pilot encounters with UAPs. Come aboard, let’s get weird! 

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9 Comments on “UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM; Ted Roe of NARCAP”

  1. THANK YOU, Rather, for asking about reports from Norway. We have pretty much no UAP conversation here in Norway and I'm trying to figure out how to open up the conversation. Great show as always, guys!

  2. CE5 does seem to be "out there" but so is this topic of the UAP phenomenon. We must learn to have an open mind, especially when it comes to disclosure and making contact. In regards to CE5, if you go in with the intent to debunk, you will experience just that. In order to fully experience it, you must expand your awareness/consciousness. Being close minded on this topic is bound to leave you disappointed. There is so much we have to learn about them. Mainly that they are conscious beings that operate on a higher level of existense.

  3. The trick to harm the hair in front of the jet with a laser to make it faster we should see some test if real an advantage, many of those experiments was totally unuseful in the real world hour history is full of billion pay with no results be carefully in those case those people take big money and if they have no result is too late….

  4. Rather pronounces "plĕth′ər-ə" like the spanish version. "Plétora." I approve. haha

    I'm glad I came back to listen to the first half I missed yesterday. Pretty damned interesting.

  5. I wonder if there's an effect similar to a child's toy hoop that's used for making bubbles. A ring with a plasma field across it that may be part of the propulsion (even internal) and in certain situations it can flick out a bubble of plasma.
    Or I'm talking bollox.

  6. Can the show host stop constantly commenting on the image of the guests on so many episodes. It’s too much and awkward

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