UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM W/Paul Davies of the Galileo Project

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Today we chat with Paul Davies, an English physicist, writer, and broadcaster, a professor at Arizona State University, and the Director of BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science. Also, a member of the advisory board of Harvard’s “The Galileo Project” that was announced earlier today. We take this opportunity to ponder the details and focus of this newly formed scientific UAP effort.

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9 Comments on “UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM W/Paul Davies of the Galileo Project”

  1. My Favourite Author, everyone should read 'The Mind Of God' Paul: Prepare to be amazed, I would be very surprised if you don't become a believer.

  2. So from what I am Gathering this scientist is an open minded skeptic and from what I've gathered he seems to be open-minded about this phenomena being everything else other than extraterrestrial I mean don't get me wrong I do believe there is a such thing as having a healthy amount of skepticism I just have a hard time believing that as flawed as human beings are no matter how intelligent there are very few Skeptics capable of not letting that skepticism greatly influence the results they end up getting one thing I have realized that most people no matter who they are and or what they believe always end up proving what they want to be true if I said that correctly that's why I think it's best to take a neutral look at things to not have any type of emotional or otherwise attachments to anyone idea or belief and at least when it comes to this UFO subject no matter the case and the evidence or information involved I think the best action to take is a two-sided stance on one end a skeptical Theory and on the other end a theory with the conclusion ultimately being anywhere from Extra-Terrestrial or some other multi-dimensional being and then again with a neutral stance working-out a mathematical problem that proves both and then working in the likelihood of both and I am sure that if the person is truly taking a neutral stance without any kind of emotional cultural or any other outside influence and go strictly by the untainted math that I'm sure at least when it comes to the phenomenon that is said to have some type of intelligent way about it and the phenomenon involving abductions I am pretty sure at least when it comes to these type of reports the likelihood of it being extraterrestrial or some other higher intelligence of some kind is going to be higher thsn anything else now sure I'm not a scientist of any kind how far from it the only genius-level quality about me is my perspective thinking and when it comes to that I know it may sound otherwise I take a neutral stance when it comes to a lot of things involving the subject but nonetheless ultimately the conclusion I arrive to at least when it comes to a select few cases is that absolutely all kinds known and unknown of intelligent life out there and I'm sure there are good and Evil and everything in between including beings that their minds are like computers and they take the path of least resistance which 2 most would be considered the peaceful path for their society to function and flourish as efficiently as possible and when I say all this trust me when I say there is no emotional attachment for it to be true I just simply no there are beings out there like that cuz I'm the type of person that believes that anything that can happen not only will happen but also already has happened and that includes almost anyting that can be imagined can eventually be created if it hasn't already buy some other kind of intelligence Somewhere Out There I'm sorry but I don't need evidence that were not the only intelligent beings not only in this galaxy but in the infinite universe and I'm not trying to be disrespectful I'm really not but I just simply think it's stupid and cocky of anyone to think otherwise and I'm more than willing to debate anyone no matter their education level and I'm a high school dropout that's pretty much lost almost everything learnt up till that point from not using it only thing I'm good at is anyting that can fit into subject category perspective thinking and I'm also good at asking questions most times I can make even some of the smartest people verbally trip over themselves or simply just completely shut them up so if anyone would like to debate me as long as it's not on camera it can be over the phone or text messaging or simply just threw this comment I am more than willing I am really good at stomping people more intelligent than me at least when it comes to the UFO phenomenon religion or spirituality and some philosophy and some theories of the beginning of time creation and all that and simply what's possible or what shouldn't be said to be impossible

  3. Did Jazz come in late after a Chippendales audition??? I love the tie! Very classy 👌🏻 great show guys 👏

  4. Re: Ball Lightning – I’ve also heard of Earth Lights. They are electrical discharges due to the pressure of tectonic plates pressing & rubbing against each other. There is a person who has written some books on the topic but I can’t remember his name 🤔

  5. 1:20:20 I agree with Jazz! This is exactly what I was thinking when listening to that guy talk… For him to literally say we have zero evidence of anything in our history….. Really? This all makes me wonder what he's getting out of this project..is he getting paid a salary? I hate to say money has anything to do with this ,but in the past things have been shown to at times revolve around money motives… (Lol I typed this before jazz also mentioned the money thing)He seemed to know how answer a lot already, sure he would also at times act like he was open minded… But then would say like when he was a kid he believed ufos were really flying around our skies..then he "grew up and became a scientist" and changed his mind. . Very condescending and dismissive of boat loads of evidence over the past 70+ years. Kind of shocked this guy was picked

  6. The issue with Mick West on his video with Chris is he doesn't bring up certain points of evidence…and can't explain like the eyewitnesses seeing the tic tac from 2 separate jets…the water churning underneath the craft…. This close in counter of a all white tic tac object …Mick West tries to say it was actually really far away …and wasn't really that shape..but most likely a plane. Even though that throws out the fact that a navy war ship had the tic tac on radar..and was directing the 2 jets to it…so it clearly was not super far away from them when they "merged plot" this also hasn't been talked about

  7. SETI already has a program called SETI@home. Basically using home computers to crunch numbers. Plenty of people have access to small telescopes above 8'. Crowd source them in the same way? Sure, some optics and sensors would need to be changed. Give them a reason to? And unlike seti@home, make sure it does not bork equipment.

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