UFO/UAP NEWS LIVESTREAM: Jason McClellan Roswell Case Closed Review

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Today we Review the new show “Roswell: Case Closed” with Jason McClellan. Why? Because he’s in it! Jason is a Phoenix-based podcaster, author, TV personality, and journalist who has invested more than a decade in researching, writing about and reporting on UFOs and other strange topics.

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7 Comments on “UFO/UAP NEWS LIVESTREAM: Jason McClellan Roswell Case Closed Review”

  1. My thoughts are those two crafts crashed into each other possibly? Or just failed. Because we know when with our technology no matter how good it gets anything technology wise can fail… For example a new computer can bug out.. A new plane can have a part of system fail.. Anything made can fail. And for the bodies the local funeral home was contacted and asked by the military for all the "child size" caskets they had in stock.. And that seemed to be a credible source from the funeral home director. And btw the tesla is fast in a straight line…and the battery has to be @ 100% to even get close to that top 0-60 times and usually it's exaggerated. Not that they are not awesome. And musk does not have 100-200+ billion dollars sitting in banks. His net worth is tied to his value of his company. Most billionaires only have a couple billion . Very rare to have 10's of billions just fyi. And lol you started playing the Showtime trailer after saying you weren't going to LMAO I was like noooo. Hope they don't copyright strike this

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