12 Comments on “UFO UAP News Report”

  1. We know where GW's false teeth are from 100's of years ago, and Mr Pope wants you to think the Gov can't find a where the Roswell Craft is…. NON SENSICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow! It's cool to see post-Downward Spiral, pre-The Fragile era Trent Reznor again.

  3. Mr Pope has always rubed my rhubarb the wrong way.
    Never rub another man's rhubarb .

  4. Nick Pops has brought nothing to ufology. Expert my arse. He was a clerk in the MOD doing basically filing. Wake up if you want to talk about this subject.

  5. A fair disclosure will include the following: The Gordon Cooper Film of the landing at Edwards AFB, The film of a landing at Holloman AFB, The Roswell Films and Photos. Anything else is just a continuation of the lies.

  6. Nick, you must say: Really Most Extraordinary. You know you want to. Nick? Nick Pope?

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