9 Comments on “UFO UAP on 7 News Australia 👽🛸 Australian Government confirms it will not be looking into UFOs”

  1. Still making excuses we know the visitors are here or co habit the planet with us. Its time to stop playing games an give the public the truth.

  2. Funny how she just can't admit that they could be alien….what pompous people to think they have a fuccing clue

  3. She is assuming that “aliens” would be using our level of technology to get here. That is rather narrow minded. Assuming they were thousands of years more advanced, they would presumably have developed faster than light speed technology. The fact that the craft seen by military pilots had incredible speed and maneuvering capability with no discernible propulsion system, we can infer such technological superiority. Keep an open mind.

  4. I feel this would be a big mistake. UAP/UFO should be considered seriously with an eye towards national security and human civilization.

  5. If you are familiar with UFO/UAPs, I'd appreciate your help in identifying odd meteorite or particle orb like objects in the sky.

  6. Sarah Webb you have no idea what's happening in our skies. You don't answer the question ask. There were no drones in 1966 when a UFO landed in a school in Melbourne. UFO,s have been admitted by governments around the world, saying their real. Who is this woman.

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