UFO / UAP REPORT – U.S. government can't explain 143 of the 144 cases

The highly anticipated government report on UFOs or UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) in American airspace was released Friday afternoon — and it raised more questions than it answered. This is not full disclosure but a first step forward.

The report cites 143 unexplained reports of UFOs by US government sources since 2004. This does not include the thousands of reports in other countries or the thousands of sightings prior to 2004.

The report is preliminary data and it is unknown whether the phenomena are a threat to national security, though the report does say that they pose a threat to flight safety.

144 UFO reports were explored. Of these, 80 reports involved observation
with multiple sensors. They weren’t simply isolated videos or pictures.

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7 Comments on “UFO / UAP REPORT – U.S. government can't explain 143 of the 144 cases”

  1. Flying over restricted air space, playing chicken with fighter pilots and swarming Navy ships tells me that there are many things this report is not telling us. The Government will never come clean on this topic.

  2. The first sentence establishes UAP as a threat two times…
    " SCOPE AND ASSUMPTIONS – This preliminary report is provided by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in response to the provision in Senate Report 116-233, accompanying the Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) for Fiscal Year 2021, that the DNI, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), is to submit an intelligence assessment of the threat posed by unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and the progress the Department of Defense Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) has made in understanding this threat."

  3. Now I get it!
    So, Vanishing Lights is the project of Rob Shaps, a ufologist and synthwave artist, and his alternative news channel and music share the same name and aesthetic.
    Now my question is, why is 'The Great Costume Party' not the channel's instrumental soundtrack? It would be perfect!

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