30 Comments on “‘UFO’ videos really are ‘unidentifiable’ US Navy confirms”

  1. UFOs are obviously real. They’ve been recorded throughout history from the last few hundred years to 10s of thousands of years. And obviously there were no aircraft back then.
    My great grandpa invented the airplane landing light. My family knows enough about aviation that I can confidently assert they are real.

  2. No it's not the different words that are interesting it's the fact that the US defense dept that has never released footage before and in the past has denied all reports of unidentifed phenomena usually passing them off as weather ballons, atmopspheric phenomena etc.
    The big change is not the words, it's the attititude and the releasoing of video. What a tool that analyst was.

  3. Of course Donald Trump was ‘not impressed’ by the US Navy’s UFO footage – no intelligent life form has been capable of making even the slightest impression on him so far 🤣

  4. Its unidentified ! Lol " There not saying its alien aircraft " …… ok then tell me who's is it then ? lol technology we don't have and don't know how to use. And how they make it a joke on the news if it was human aircraft there would be a war between which country has it

  5. Ufos are aliens races saucer spacecrafts that are observers and visiting primtive earth mankind with very limited understandings as warrior race !
    Saucer spacecraft in Quantum mechanics physics in electromagnetics propulsion systems that can travel faster than speed of light by warping time and space and warp 132 multi dimensional universes in seconds by warping time and traveling faster than speed of light

  6. Omg the amount of times that women said ummmmmm was starting to drive me crazy if talking about this topic really makes u that uncomfortable then let someone more comprehensible speak instead

  7. Goverments are doing this for years that they want people to think ufos are real. Some sightings are real but what are goverments covering up? I believe it's very high advanced technology that goverments are keeping quiet about and need ufo sightings so people won't know what these goverments are really up too. Area 51 is a very advanced research base being kept quiet by ufo crashing and aliens seen. A perfect cover up they needed to keep what they are doing there!!!

  8. The leftist woman needs to be corrected……logically the ufo and us aircraft were facing one another…the ufo moved to the right. Therefore, intelligent life moves to the right.

  9. lol Funny how these guys who are NOT trained observers like the military officials in the video are seem to know more about what it is than the military officials themselves. So much for a cover up.

  10. Jesus loves you and wants to know the truth about aliens!!!!! They are demons people and the name of the Lord Jesus scares them away!!!!!!! Why do you believe the lie

  11. How tf did I only find out about this now. Shouldn’t every be aware that aliens are basically fucking real

  12. No one gives a shit, we trying to go back to work, feed our families and pay bills…they better not come down here with the bullshit and ask for welfare, healthcare, or childcare…go to Canada with that shit

  13. Love the comment by the…ah.. bumbling idiot…um.. blonde about ..um…uh…er… intelligent ..um.life going to the ..ah.. left. Don't know how she got her job, but it wasn't based on talent. It could be based on "a talent" , but definitely not related to her journalistic or public speaking ability.

  14. It's interesting that it was four years ago.
    And was reported by the navy. Usually, there are reports of UFOs over land. This has be the Hawaiian Incident. There's a rumor that Kim Jong Un tried to nuke Hawaii. An air raid siren was tripped 'accidentally'. And Canada mysteriously restricted all trips to Hawaii for awhile. The UFO must've intercepted the missile.

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