UFO whistleblower warns Pentagon report may be watered down

Former AATIP Pentagon director Luis Elizondo joins ‘Kennedy’ to discuss what to expect from the unclassified information. #FOXBusiness #Kennedy

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44 Comments on “UFO whistleblower warns Pentagon report may be watered down”

  1. You dont even know.. On my page is a video of UAP opening a portal and printing a hologram in the night sky of my house and the car i recorded it from.
    Unworldly technology.

  2. @0:46 "Why do they think we can't handle the truth?" Because the truth is mundane, boring, and requires a desire to understand explanations that don't fit an outlandish conspiracy. Like the limitations of optics, the difference between IR and visible light, how magnification lowers resolution, parallax, data, math etc. No matter how much data you bring to the table that shows it isn't extra terrestrial, wanna believers conspiracy nutters will dismiss it as a coverup.

  3. IT IS THE DOLPHINS 🐬 !!!! It is so obvious. I have been saying this for years. They are an advanced civilization and they are and have been preparing for a global takeover! You have been warned⚠️.

  4. The nonsense show for a big laugh. Moths on a sensor, testing drones from another ship and other pracitcal jokes. What people do for their day of glory in the media.

  5. In the description below the video it's "Former AATIP Pentagon Director" but in the video it's "Unidentified History Channel Star". Both are true but one gives more credibility to his opinions than the other. They really don't want us to do anything other than laugh at this subject.

  6. This is starting to look like a distraction of some sort, don't you think the military would be more involved in finding out what this thing is it just doesn't seem like you're taking it all that serious which kind of gives me suspicion that this is some kind of distraction, I've watched some of these interviews with these Pilots and some said that it's an everyday occurrence they see him give me the story about your business, something smells funny and the last time I smelled that stench was when a Democrat was nearby😣

  7. They don't want people to know because of all the aliens species, some come in peace, some not, They found some Aliens that are brain eaters, example, Joe Biden, need we say more

  8. government will hold off releasing anything until they need to bury democrats lies cheating and stealing,

  9. The federal government doesn’t want us knowing about the existence intelligent otherworldly life, because it’s afraid that our Creationist religions will be irreversibly screwed up. But I tell you what, the government doesn’t know the REAL truth, because even E.T.s are created by God and in His image! Our religions will be completely unaffected, because the government’s “truth” is at best only half-true (only in the sense that E.T.s exist). There’s still an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Creator!

  10. You guys are making to much of this thing. ( It looks more Like the Movie The illusionist ( pure Special Efects !

  11. Is it really just a ufo conspiracy, or just another tactic to get us wasting our brain cells, and missing the deeper secrets being hidden?

  12. Question is what you gone do about it not a thing you can’t catch them nor can you stop them from destroying you they showing you there power great exhibition!

  13. I liked Kennedy best when she was a MTV VJ. She used to be zany and fun and not all MAGA right wing extremist.

  14. It's in earthly. "The world is a spiral staircase, that's goes round and round all the way to hell."

  15. These are probably remains of old highly developed civilizations here on earth waiting to get in contact!

  16. Our own government is saying these craft are not in the U.S. inventory. I have understood that when Nikola Tesla died, his home (apartment?) was raided by "government agents" and all his documents were taken. Those documents were supposed to be quite voluminous, including one or more designs for anti-gravity devices. What if our government has in fact engineered Tesla designed craft, have such craft in the U.S. inventory, and are now spreading disinformation to confound our national adversaries?! Where is that option in the spectrum of possibilities regarding these flying machines?

  17. Now they just have more shity Soviet crafts with higher technology trust me Red River is constantly invading China's personal space

  18. though we will do everything in our power to help you please don't think that we would want to govern you anyway

  19. What I meant to say is that the the USA does not recognize us we could put economic sanctions on businessmen currently dealing in but UC

  20. Government continues to prove to us that we should not believe anything they say. Here’s another chance

  21. Hmmmm we don't trust the government. But we believe the government when they tell us these are not experimental aircraft. 🤣🤣 yeah tell me more about aliens.

  22. The gov is not going to tell us anything, their going to say they don't know either, a way to get out of informing us what they do know.

  23. They need to tell us the truth .. Because if there is an invasion we need to be aware so we can have a plan period enough games!!!!!!!!

  24. This universe is a big place and of course there must be life in other planets no surprise there.. We need to know who and what they are period and people need to take it more serious than they do and stop undermining the situation its not a game they are real …..

  25. Humanity is not ready. Majority are closeminded. Even we (openminded) want it. Disclosure needs to be accepted by the majority of the population. means 4billion + peeps. But majority are blinded by the media and call us conspiracy theorist.

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