UFO whistleblower weighs in on Congress report

(4 Jun 2021) Whatever or whoever they are, they’re still out there. U.S. intelligence is after them, but its upcoming report won’t deliver any full or final truth about UFOs.
The tantalizing prospect of top government intel finally weighing in, after decades of conspiracy theories, TV shows, movies, and winking jokes by presidents, will instead yield a more mundane reality that’s not likely to change many minds on any side of the issue.
Investigators have found no evidence the sightings are linked to aliens — but can’t deny a link either. Two officials briefed on the report due to Congress later this month say the U.S. government cannot give a definitive explanation of aerial phenomena spotted by military pilots.
Luis Elizondo is a former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. He said their mission was similar to other U.S. government efforts to study UFO’s such as Project Blue Book and the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force which is expected to deliver an unclassified report to Congress later this month.
“The fact that it is finally having an open conversation despite decades of denial, I think is a tremendous step forward,” said Elizondo. “It’s not nearly enough, however, because it is partial transparency, although better than no transparency is still not complete transparency.”
Elizondo added he doesn’t believe that the sightings were of a foreign power’s technology in part because it would have been nearly impossible to keep that secret for the 70 years after the first UFO sightings and reports.
Yet the former military intelligence officer wants to avoid drawing black and white conclusions and even using labels like ‘extraterrestrial’ or even “extradimensional to describe the UAP’s, which are classified as being ‘unidentified.’
“So I think it’s ignorant for us to say, well, if it’s not Russian or Chinese, this must be from the Pleiades or Alpha Proxima,” Elizondo said. “Is it possible? Sure. But there’s a whole bunch of other options that it could be, too. We live in an incredible universe where there are realities all around us. There are there are dimensions. There’s M theory, string theory. There are all sorts of hypotheses that suggest that the three-dimensional universe in which we live in isn’t quite so, so easy to explain.”

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48 Comments on “UFO whistleblower weighs in on Congress report”

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  3. This guy signed NDAs with the US Government. When he worked as the director of AATIP. He will not say what he really saw or read. He is just cashing checks for doing interviews and book deals that don't really give you any real information.

  4. One day we will know maybe!"
    But it's going to take tham ufo 🛸to show up
    People only believe when they see it…into that day we can talk and talk and that's all we going to do TALK..why is it when someone have a video of a ufo the video is not clear and the pictures are Blurry

  5. I came across this study from 2017 today that discusses creating a electromagnetic field around a water vehicle to eliminate wake and drag… Seems like it could be applied to the atmosphere as well. It is titled "Electromagnetic water cloak eliminates drag and wake", it is on the Science Daily website. The idea was originated in 2011 at Duke University and the the Naval Undersea Warfare Center helped study it. Original study was titled "Forced underwater laminar flows with active magnetohydrodynamic metamaterials" published in December 7, 2017 in the Journal Physical Review E

  6. What if they dont show themselves coz they are bug sized and we could just stand on them but their intelligence is a new scale

  7. This so called scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson is all over YouTube and on tv shows debunking aliens. He is saying what the pilots saw was just a glitch. He said Oumuamua was ice and the wow signals just static etc etc this guy needs to be shut down. He is a self proclaimed religious fanatic yet denies aliens exists? Damn I can't stand the man. He is an angry obnoxious wanna be comedian. Disgusted in him.

  8. Imagine the day when UFO denier becomes akin to climate change denier and the debunkers become the conspiracy theorists! What the UFOs are is a different matter.

  9. The idea of interdimensional visitors is even scarier than aliens. f they are from another dimension, why do they need 'vehicles'? To make the 'trip' between dimensions? And if we are seeing interdimensional vehicles, what do the 'visitors' themselves look like? Are they biological? Robotic? Something we can't even conceive of? Are they responsible for the alien abduction phenomenon?

  10. H.R.5736 – Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

    AMENDS >> the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987 to prohibit funds for the Department of State or the Board from being used to influence public opinion or propagandizing in the United States. (Under current law such provision applies to the United States Information Agency [USIA].)

    Now it is NOT to prohibit funds for the Department of State or the Board from being used to influence public opinion or propagandizing in the United States.

  11. I agree with the Pentagon , there's nothing alien tec about these ufos , you know why ? Because we don't know what alien tec is, and have never discovered any alien tec . use some common sense people

  12. Our government lies to us all the time. They justify this by saying, well we will lose all credibility. No one will trust our country. If the "aliens" say "we "created" you, RUN!

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    Time will be the tester of men and their ideas

  15. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was an unclassified but unpublicized investigatory effort funded by the United States. A request to DIA for information produced by the program returned a single 5 page report.

  16. With how fast we are advancing in technology, how can we rule out that this isn't us from another time line?

  17. Let’s not forget this fella is a confessed secret service operative. Either retired or not, who can tell?

  18. I feel like he is part of the agenda of the fake alien invasion so that we as a species unite against 1 common enemy to speed up the process of humanity joining the galactic federation so we may join to go up against the annunakis for domain on earth.

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  21. Here's how to sum it up: 1. The phenomenon is true. There are UAP / UFOs. There is no doubt at all anymore. Not even the most ardent skeptic can still say no to that, can he? 2. They are far ahead technologically (no brainer) It has been photographed at least since the middle of the 20th century. Then the question becomes: 4. Is it secret American technology? 5. Is it secret Russian technology? 6. Is it Chinese technology secret? Point 4 seems to deny the United States if what has emerged in the major news channels in the United States is true. Also sounds completely unlikely that they would have had such technology already in the middle of the last century. Does not rule out that they have access to objects (which they were not allowed to work). Given what emerged at the fall of the Soviet Union, they do not seem to have been before the United States. Point 5 seems completely unlikely thus. Since the phenomenon has been documented since the middle of the 20th century, it also excludes the Chinese who during Mao's time were busy growing rice to survive the day. Therefore, paragraph 6 can also be excluded. It then remains that we do not know where these UAPs originate from. No point in speculating more than that. This will probably be what the report will come to as well, and this is where the research begins. Too bad we lost a lot of years because the subject was ridiculed so few dared to talk about it. Curiosity: what is strange is that they seem to have such different looks on the vessels that have been documented. As if they were different makes / models of cars here on earth. Maybe it will get its explanation sometime too.

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