UFODI News: Shocking UFO Sighting Over (New Jersey – New York)

Location: New Jersey – New York
Date: 14/Mar/2009

This is the moment a man records a flying saucer behind his house and suddenly a huge tubular shaped UFO appears very low to surface and disappears while another appears from thin air with a speeding object shooting from it. This is great footage, very rare and unexplained.
Witness Statement: This is the worlds best UFO video ever because it was made during the daylight, the UFO is very close not more than 5,000 feet .
This UFO is harvesting something from our atmosphere. at 1:11 you will see the ship loading a luminous object into its bottom. I believe the orb is a spotter, and the other larger craft is a harvester. Watch in HD go frame by frame download if you can. You will see the ships are under attack by fast moving particles that travel horizontally from the right to the left. The ships lights rotate and change color slightly when the weapon charges and discharges. It shoots a green plasma and hits several of the targets that are trying to hit it.

All this combined make this the Worlds best UFO video. Ponder it. I believe that this exact craft is the type of Mana spoken about in the bagva Purana. I believe this is the mana that can appear to be in two places at once, the property of Vishnu I think. I just saw a 2009 documentary on Nat Geo and they spoke about it there. Watch how the ship replicates.

Also Stating: That is the real deal. No CGI needed. I took this video to the United Arab Emirates in NY to help clear the name of the Egyptian pilot who dove into the drink off the shore of long island in 1999. I know that I was allowed to video this event to help others understand that the pilot in question did not kill his passengers but tried to avoid a ship like this one that just appeared in his flight path. This footage has been verified by Bud Hopkins and Bruce Mcabee.

UFODI Upload date: 2nd Nov 2013.


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