UFODI News: Super Bright UFO Descends Upon Akureyri Iceland 29th Sep 2013

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Location: Akureyri Iceland
Date: 29th Sep 2013
Witness: Bjarki Mikkelsen
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcbLC21CmE4

A super bright UFO descends upon the city of Akureyri Iceland and goes straight to the ground for landing in the heavily populated area! What on Earth could this be? What produces such light during the day that comes from the skies and lands in a populated area? we would like to hear your opinion!


34 Comments on “UFODI News: Super Bright UFO Descends Upon Akureyri Iceland 29th Sep 2013”

  1. Its a real fake. If it would have been true, why the video is cut after landing. What happened after landing. If it would been true the camera would have captured that too!
    I do not understand why do people post fake videos.

  2. Now thats wierd as hell it looks like it went to a house at the second story window bet its an abucted person or there bringing someone home?…..I have seen UFOs all my life!.Over 30 and Paranormal things too.What a fantastic film!!!!….UFODI

  3. ok, let's say it is a ufo. what about it ? can't they just travel somewhere without us doing so much noise about it ? what's wrong ?
    if you want them REALLY to come, then stop all this nonsense.
    PS – where's the footage of the landing from a closer view ? a city full of cameras and this is all what you have ? ts ts ts ts – what a shame !

  4. I filmed a similar red orb/flare UFO in Copenhagen about 2 weeks later on Oct11th 2013. You can find the short footage on my 'channel'.

  5. All I have is one question – did any one investigate where it landed?  It appears to land smack in the middle of a residential area.

    If it was a meteor – we would have heard something about the impact.

    If it is a "UFO" – why hasn't someone in the neighborhood speak up?

    CGI?  or real?  With no further investigation or details revealed – then it must be hoaxed.

    What do others think?

  6. If it flickers then its burning.
    If its burning then there is a flame.
    If there is a flame ………then its a lantern.

  7. It's a particular kind of quite common flares, which shoot a parachute like object into the sky which then descends while burning bright red.

    Myth busted!

  8. geras . video montazas 100 procentinis. miesteli nusileido ar nukrito ir niekas nieko nezino. nes montazas. as pats islandijoj gyvenu

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