UFOs – 70 Years Of Secrecy Exposed

70 Years Of Secrecy Exposed UFO’S Tucker Carlson With James Fox & Christopher Mellon (Fox News)

The more people are awake the less power the secret has. The governments will never Disclose the truth, it’s on all of us to do it. Disclosure is on us and only us. At the end of the day We are the Resistance! It is the time for Disclosure! The time is now!

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2 Comments on “UFOs – 70 Years Of Secrecy Exposed”

  1. It's time for the American Government to stop skating around this subject with all this "cloak & dagger", "threat to national security" anal-retentive, mumbo jumbo and tell it as it is! As much as I hate to use this word in current times of coercive propaganda led over-use, this is a GLOBAL phenomenon so, disclose all and get real!

  2. Since 1946 the American forces have taken us for fools, and have not stopped telling us "bullshit" to disqualify the testimony on UFOs, while having a part of its army to work and study UFOs https://patents.google.com/patent/US20060145019A1/en

    As you will notice that the patent for the invention is for the United States.

    Depuis l'année 1946 les forces américaines nous ont pris pour des imbéciles, et n'ont cessé de nous raconter des "conneries" pour disqualifier les témoignages sur les OVNIS, tout ayant une part de son armée pour travailler et étudier les OVNIS https://patents.google.com/patent/US20060145019A1/en
    Comme vous remarquerez que le Brevet de l'invention, c'est pour les Etats Unis.

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