UFOs & Aliens Alien Life Forms

In this episode of UFOs & Aliens, step into the conversation of alien life forms. People all over the world claim to have experienced close encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Follow the experts as they delve into studying the evidence and learn how they study extreme environments on Earth in order to conceptualize what life might be like on other celestial planets, moons, and meteorites.

Narrated by Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyager, this series features stunning visualizations and interviews with top experts in the field of science, technology and ufology including Jill Tarter, inspiration for the book & film, Contact. First broadcast on TLC, UFOs & Aliens provides an exciting examination of UFO sightings, alien encounters, and our efforts to contact extraterrestrial life.

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46 Comments on “UFOs & Aliens Alien Life Forms”

  1. My late husband told me that when he was just a toddler a tall blond man would take him from his bedroom. There was no sexual shenanigans. When he described the being I told him that he was a Nordic. My husband had never heard that term. This started in about 1938, way before Roswell or other UFO stories.

  2. I have noticed that many skeptics have a deep emotional need to debunk everything to do with aliens. When shown photos, films, videos, released top secret military memos, audio recordings, and/or eyewitness testimony, the skeptics attack the evidence as if it were a wild animal that was trying to hurt/kill them. They seem to see the evidence as an immediate personal threat to themselves. There is no amount of excellent evidence one can show them that will convince them of anything.

    The better the evidence and the more the evidence, the harder they fight, to the point where they start saying ridiculous, absurd things, and looking a bit foolish. It finally gets to the point where they say "I have no idea what that is, and I can not explain it or even guess any far-out possibilities that match the evidence. But it's not aliens". They do not seem to be aware that their fear is driving their reason.

  3. Clearly they are here and they are able to block the knowledge of their existence – they will have advanced tech to ensure we will never know – keeping us divided helps their cause !

  4. They could be abducting / uploading our consciousness at death too – NDE’s may be hinting as much .

  5. "Scars on your body that you haven't noticed before" Yeah right. The cause of a scar is quite painful. I'm quite sure that I would notice it.

  6. Another possibility advanced by Steven Greer..the abductions are stagecraft, created by black ops corporations, with manufactured zeta aliens, military personnel and anti gravity craft. In effect, these episodes are a deliberate psyop to frighten us into blaming ets to justify a vast weapons expenditure for a supposed alien invasion. Something to consider

  7. that documentary you guys made is awesome but this old tat is cringy and undermines your other content

  8. They want our DNA because they are clones and don't have reproductive organs. They need that slice of human DNA that is sometimes compatible with theirs so they can continue their species. The original species died off many centuries ago. Once we detonated the first nuke, it told them that there was a potential candidate for a DNA slice. They consider the kidnappings are necessary, essential.
    Maybe. I'm not worried, I have flawed DNA. I'm Dyslexic.😁 Safe!

  9. Excellent documentary and highly recommendable. I really liked this one. Thank you for posting.

  10. The skeptic at 11:40 is the type of person everyone couldn’t stand in school. The little prick who thinks he knows everything.

  11. That psychologist who says abductions can happen because of a lonely feeling of wanting to be touched sexually. What a load of bullshit and a sick way to look at this phenomenon. What a degenerate. Do these people look sexually excited about this?

  12. The skeptics think they know it all in their arrogance, It makes them feel big and important to think they have all the answers and they think that people are stupid and that they have all the answers to everything because they think they are above everyone else but in reality they know Nothing.

  13. This is coming. Call it a process of self disclosure. This will tell us who we are, how we got here and most importantly and certainly what will be extremely disturbing and very difficult for most if not all, where we are not going.

  14. The scientist that promote the theory of panspermia, do so with scientific methods, but the narrator says we should take that with a grain of salt after divulging multitudes of alien abductions as fact. Before Whitley strieber's encounter he was a well-known published author of horror novels and other fiction, that's dubiously suspicious to me I think I need a whole Shaker of salt for that one

  15. My father saw a UFO one time. He described it as a disk surrounded by lights hovering over the trees across a field. Said he watched it for about half an hour. Got all over my butt about it. He talked about that thing until the day he died. To this day I have no clue what he was talking about.

  16. The James Webb telescope will remove any doubt about extraterrestrials buzzing around our beloved planet Earth by golly.. 😲

  17. A crab at the surface looks like a crab in the deepest part of the ocean. You don't get to develop tools, electricity, or vehicles if you look like a fish and live in water. Not if you look like an elephant either. Even if you were very smart. But, if you got legs, arms and so on, you might get to develop things… That's why aliens look humanoid. Some "shapes" are universal…

  18. Wtf right off the bat. Dude is trying to sound like his in a dream state. Immediately disappointed. I'm gonna listen anyway. Hopefully they got the insulting part out of the way. Should not have started with the hypnosis bs. Ugg I hate my life.

  19. Sounds like seven of nine..

    Life is mostly spiritual..after you find God within then the dimensions are opened up to you. thus seek within.
    There are those among us who live forever.
    Binary is a langauge which they use..to communicate with us..but they are telepathic.
    There's many levels or dimensions..here at the same time..but we arnt able to pass…unless were granted passage.

  20. @14:07 this guy makes a great point…but he left out the fact that these people are TERRIFIED!!! Not all happy come and take me again!!! It’s a traumatic experience, not a Royal foot massage dude

  21. I was stationed in the Philippines back when we still have bases there, and I have this Fil-Am friend who one day invited me to have a short vacation with him to his distant relatives in a remote village south of Subic. When we arrived there, we noticed a group of villagers banging steels pots and cans infront of a big tree (they call balete) and shouting something. Apparently, a six-yr old boy has been missing for a 5-6 hours and they suspect that fairies living in the tree had taken him. So, they create the loud noises to force the fairies to return him back. But the parents don't seem to be much concerned. They said it happens quite regularly (span of 3-4 months in between) since the boy was still 4 yrs old. So, they just create loud noises to force the "fairies" to return him, as what was being done by their ancestors before them (looks like the incident is not isolated and has been happening for generations). True enough, the boy walk right back to their hut about an hour later.

    Later that night, a feast has been prepared for my Fil-Am friend by the villagers. We brought with us a box of local gin that the locals seem to like much. The boy was there watching us, so I was able to interview him. Here's his story.

    One day he was playing alone in a field when a boy about his age approached and befriended him. They would run and play together for a while, then his new found friend would invite him to go in his house so they can drink and eat something. Thirsty, the boy obliged and just after a few minutes walk, they arrived in the house, and his friend's parents would give them lot's of food and delicious drink. Then they would go out, play a little more, bade each other goodbye, and the boy goes home.

    Now here's how the story gets more interesting. He described his friend to look normal except for having a bigger head. His house looks round and metallic, unlike he has never seen before. They were together for probably one and half hour or two, but the boy's parents would scold him for missing more than quite a few hours more. In more than a few occasions, he tried to locate the house of his friend, but couldn't find it. But when with his friend, they would just walk in a few minutes, and it would be there. So one day, he tried to familiarize with their route so he can find it on his own. But once he did it, the metallic house is not there where it is supposed to be.

    At that time, I couldn't draw out a definitive conclusion. But tend to think that the boy is just having fantasies. Now in the age of internet, and stories about UFOs and abductions, am no longer sure what to think.

  22. i had 2 hours disappear- was traveling middle of no where texas 1978 –
    no clue what happened – have always wondered –

  23. Cool movie/doc 👍 Thanks to the Travis Walton case , we 💯know this happens!! 6 witnesses to the case that not only swore the truth , but passed polygraphs! I'm sure some people have made up stories! Don't let that fool you into all stories are false! Thanks for bringing some awareness to a truth , just one of many , that our " leaders/ cabal " want you to not believe…. WHY IS THAT???

  24. I think these cases are mostly sleep paralysis. It feels very real. I had it and couldn't shout for help or move. There was a being in my room. Definitely sleep paralysis/nightmare.

  25. Why are we still putting the narrative out that we haven't found life yet? The governments of the world are lying to you thats a fact. No need to further their agenda its time for some truth on this planet!

  26. Some YT channel really cares about their video presentation.

    You put english CC.

    You are one of them.
    Hence , I will subscribe.

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