33 Comments on “UFOs and Aliens”

  1. When Joe Rogan does a better job in a podcast than actual journalists on air broadcasting.
    What a joke of segment.

  2. Jesus Christ could this be more idiotic? Why are we choosing these airhead types to report the news? Ugh…

  3. The aliens came here to see if we had intelligent life…and then they watched this video….

  4. I know These two can’t even read or never read books as beautiful the woman is but she low minded in her intelligence.

  5. VERY IMPORTANT movie/documentary is about to be released! I believe the name is "cosmic disclosure"….. word has it that "they" or "the powers that be" is going forward with their "FAKE ALIEN INVASION"! THAT IS THE REASON FOR ALL THESE "SIGHTINGS" RECENTLY! "THEY" ARE PREPARING THE POPULATION!


  6. I have zero interest in what these idiots have to say, i just loaded this video to comment this.

  7. C’mon man! Everybody knows that Cornpop was an alien and that Joe Biden’s lost in space from frequent obductions and bong hits of spacegrass.

  8. Hold up, just a minute. Why are Americans the only ones seeing the sightings? Are there any other countries reporting sightings besides us?

  9. We are here below the surface of the water where you can’t reach us . You only see us when we exit & enter bodies of water . Occasionally other species are passing through.

  10. Hollywood did such a good job ridiculing the subject sometimes I wonder if this was not a desinformation campaign.

  11. This is reporting? How on earth did they qualify for their jobs when they are this immature 🤦‍♀️. Honestly, these type of people remind me of flat earthers. There is so much more to this multi-verse than we can even begin to comprehend. Our scientific/mathematical knowledge is so incredibly limited. It is people like these with pea sized brains who cannot fathom the world or universe beyond their own egos. People like these will actually hinder scientific and mathematical growth due to their rigidity (much like in Galileo's time). They can barely accept things at face value let alone anything else. Pea sized brains for sure.

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