UFOs And Doorway To Hell At Nuke Test 1945, (Audio fixed) UFO Sighting News.

Guys, I got some video from the US National Archives and found a doorway to hell at the base of a nuclear explosion test at Bikini Atoll in 1945. I also noticed three UFOs flying across the top of the explosion. Can you imagine the nuke test causing a doorway into another dimension, space or time or planet? An alien steps through that door into the heart of our atomic bomb test…and its vaporized! Welcome to Earth. Scott C. Waring, please subscribe.


29 Comments on “UFOs And Doorway To Hell At Nuke Test 1945, (Audio fixed) UFO Sighting News.”

  1. You must be very busy banning people from your channel!
    It's impossible that not a single bad comment on such an outrageous claim!
    This is why you only have 52K subs after all these years.
    Add me to your ban. I'm out.

  2. The ufos are impressive, but the door looks like one of the ships blown strait up at the edge of the blast.
    So, I think: yes on the UFOs, but no on the door that is exactly the same size as all the warships placed there for destruction.

  3. youre letting religion confuse you, why would a door be in dust Lol youre being silly, but the ufo catch was interesting

  4. i think the human race has lost it.. it harkens the movie , beneath the planet of the apes… humans worshiped a nuclear bomb.. lol // opps.. looks like we are there.. now let your mind contemplate the cern project..spoiler.. porthole…politicians ,,, think of one bad thing that they did not create… peace… one man's creation is another man's demise. and the beat goes on…

  5. That could be a recess formed by
    A ship floating above the blast. Water
    Wasnt blown upwards evenly, the ship
    Blocking that area. More likely was the
    Cause and Formed an empty spot
    Looking like a Doorway. If No Ships
    Were floating above the bomb, the
    Mushroom of Water and Plasma gasses
    Probably would have formed a column
    That was even all the way around with
    No ‘Doorway’.

  6. hello I thought I saw something do you have the link to the latest ufo sighting in boston usa could you pls send me the link

  7. Thanks again for showing these clips interesting ufo ,they were really travelling very fast ,obviously knowing where they were heading !

  8. Yes, great find Friend!

    But, isn't it interesting that the camera(s) used to film these nuclear tests – never move upon the blast impact?

    Not even a tiny camera judder – on all those tests filmed?

    Are they really nuclear tests?

    Or nuclear propaganda (Fear test)?

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