UFOs Are Now A Massive Concern..

More details are to come about our potential alien overlords, but here’s what we know for now.

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Outro Song: “Lower Brinstar” by Adepto the Wonder (that’s me!)

Outro artwork: Dragon Ball Z/Super
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49 Comments on “UFOs Are Now A Massive Concern..”

  1. Ngl dude I believe the sign of other intentional life is a thing and I wouldn’t be suprised but like it’s crazy to think worlds way far out can be things we see in fantasy worlds might be true

  2. Well looks like we going to need to be aware of the covenant in real life and start kidnapping kids for spartan augmentations

  3. I don't think Aliens would even really mess with us because of the fact that they could destroy us at any point. If they were in that UFO they are probably just observing our behaviors towards each other probably. I mean they can't think of us as a threat bc they could destroy us at any point

  4. I don't think aliens don't exist, I just doubt any intelligent and sentient species will be visiting us any time soon.

  5. Guys you know furries if we had technology to genetically modify us to animals let me tell you something rule 34 be real robots everything in route 34 let me say something horses will be the popular choice you know why most guys will be horses if not all the girls we'll have the rest but they will make other animals but they will choose the horse part you know what I mean or just grow it if you know.

  6. UFO's aren't real. This is just another distraction moment so the Government can get away with something.

  7. Personally I just think trying to contain information like we spoke with/met aliens would be to difficult to contain. Not that it would be outright impossible but even otherwise tight lipped people might have second thoughts about such a major issue.

  8. I never thought they were aliens I always thought it was secret black projects testing there air crafts. The stealth bomber and fighter were called in has ufos back in the day.

  9. Yall just feeding in the media distraction, great job, UFO's have always been a concern why do you think the military keeps them secret, and now they're giving you crumbs so you can be in awe.

  10. I
    Speak for the general public of non retards. We are ready and waiting. Id love to know aliens are real

  11. Guys dont worry its just a Fortnite teaser

    (For the people who dont understand… rn fortnite is teasing its next season wixh is gonna be aliean themed)

  12. I already have lots of useless information in my head. Y'all have fun clapping alien cheeks. I'm going to sip tea and live a carefree life.

  13. national threat? if said aliens are hostile to humanity it be a international threat more likely

  14. It would be kinda funny if all those ufos were just China tryna scare the states lol, its definitely a possibility tbh

  15. imagine the aliens walk out of the ship trying to fight us but they dont even have guns cause they spent all their time building flying things

  16. I mean, does this really matter? If they were capable and wanted to harm us they would have by now unless they're on that reverse psychology bs.
    So they either don't care about us, or they want to be peaceful with us and even if they do overlord us they'd probably do a better job than our governments.

  17. Its obvious that there's aliens out there, But the normies doesn't know and when they find out there gonna freak out.

  18. We all know they'll definitely kidnap women, all monsters have done that. Definitely steal children because they are small and probably paedophilic and everyone loves hamburgers/beefburgers dont they? A chance aliens exist??? Naaaah.

  19. Project Blue book was real and we are not alone in the universe UFO have been here and the world government have know this for decades Project X files makes alot of sense now

  20. To be honest, aliens would think we’re scary. We’re the scariest creatures on Earth, our violent tendencies and the fact there’s always been wars between us.

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