UFOs, bizarre Brazil prison escape & Galveston police photo goes viral – Daily News Weekly

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This week, we focus on four items:

Brazilian gang leader tries to escape prison after dressing up as visiting daughter

A whodunit 27 years in the making: Shot and paralyzed in Brooklyn in 1992, his death in 2019 from gunshot complications now a homicide

UFO sightings are on rise in western Pennsylvania

Police apologize after cops on horses lead handcuffed black man down Texas street with what looks to be rope

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29 Comments on “UFOs, bizarre Brazil prison escape & Galveston police photo goes viral – Daily News Weekly”

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  3. Is he the man who was abducted by extraterrestrials in Brazil?????

  4. ALL prisoners are prisoners of war. I SUPPORT all prisoners killing prison guards, police & politicians & judges to earn their freedom.

  5. @NewYorkDailyNews I live in Galveston, TX, and this story really embarrasses me as a Galvestonian. I couldn't believe it when I read it and saw the picture. For pitiful shame. We are a tourist city. We are on located the Gulf Coast, 45 minutes from Houston. We have a popular beach scene with everything from surfing, parasailing and other watersports, to skating, biking, and parades on our famous Seawall. We showcase live music, wonderful restaurants and nightlife, great theme parks, museums, natural and historical attractions like tall ships and mansions thought to be haunted. It is a really neat place to live or to visit. But this horrendous (yet true!) story makes Galveston look like some backwoods, under-civilized hick-town without any proper social skills- foolish on the world stage! This city is very diverse, as is our sister city Houston, and both cities have some of the finest medical universities on the world, as well as beautiful architecture, art, and culture. That was wrong and should never have happened. Poor judgement to say the least…

  6. "businesses shouldn't be allowed to discriminate" what about known violent gang members who want to have lunch in your office, like tomorrow or in a few days, yes in a few days because this may take me a few to arrange…. how about it? Are you not a business? Where do we draw the, government power over our lives, line? I think your youtube commenter is correct and you have lost your mind. I think the government need step in to stop you from spreading your anti-discrimination-hate all over youtube!

  7. I agree that they shouldn’t be discriminated against even for child sake but the same thing goes for cancel culture too.,so as Long as that still exists I think the others going proceed to be as well Unfortunately. I wish people would stop hating each other .the would be a better place. kinda like that saying :every action has a equal reaction (positive or negative)So as long as hate ,prejudice ,& discrimination still exists No matter who the individual or human condition – evil Always gonna be there ,whether you think it’s Either left or right they’re just gonna have to learn to get along Because when it comes down to it the biggest threat to America democracy is ignorance opportunist instigating by politics corporate news & Talking Heads Brainwashing human being rendering them useless by losing their own individually being hell bent on Their self righteous narrative rain supreme that they believe to be true. -Well it’s not my Friend. No ones right or wrong People need to wake the F@&$ up to the ignorance that hijacked there brain in this spam-demic social agenda ,social surveillance divided through social distancing etc .

  8. Brazilian prisions are a mess at the visit hours then the girl may escape insidethe crowd. That’s the only explanation I see. Nevertheless such crowd is what is proving herd immunity exists against Covid19 here. Best Whishes from Rio.

  9. So the thing that is really wrong with this is that it looks bad??? but if the guy had been white no one would have cared.

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