UFO’s Caught On Camera By News Crew

UFO’s Caught On Camera By News Crew
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The news camera crew for fox 6 did a routine shot of what was going on outside the studio, but instead of the usual sunrise, the cameras caught something that can’t be explained on camera.

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45 Comments on “UFO’s Caught On Camera By News Crew”

  1. UFO sightings seem weird to me. Why would aliens be entering our territory and not make themselves known.
    Also thanks for the reply to my suggestion.

  2. As the Men in Black informed me, it's swamp gas, runaway kites, Venus in retrograde, Mercury going through the rings of Saturn and kids playing with flashlights. Nothing more to see flashes neuralizer

  3. My comment has never been mentioned in a video or pinned though I comment all the time on IO

  4. I saw this video “and I ran, I ran so far away. I ran all night and day, I couldn’t get away” then IO told me it was birds and I stopped.

  5. Charlotte you are funny and gorgeous human being. I'd say more but I don't know you personally.

  6. U.F.O = UNIDENTIFYING Flying Object

    "I want to believe" believe what? believe that you saw something that you do NOT know what it was?

  7. Fallen angels masquerading around as aliens we are in the Great deception and the elite knows exactly what they are they're definitely not little green men from mars it's very sinister once you go down the rabbit hole

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