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  1. I'm saying if you wanted to see them,you could,but you don't…the best way to prove to yourself that they are as real as you and me is to not close your eyes and go to sleep between 10:30pm and 2:00 an,and yep you will see the space station,space junk, airplanes, satilites, meteors,stars,the moon,but if it don't have running lights blinking it don't belong in the air,water or road,if one with 4 distinct colors lands while 3 of the same kind hover 2,000 feet above the lander 4 nights in a row or your watching one of the many yellow balls of light coming towards you and as soon as it gets over our heads we all 3 at the same time say"look ones following it" and it's not lit up like the one it's chasing and firing a weapon at,then four diamond shape flashes and the yellow ball of light is gone into a °90 turn away from us and evades the attacker,those are the two we seen that really stick out in my mind,and I guess after we witnessed these things my question would be if they are fighting each other,what are they fighting over? Hope not what I'm standing on.

  2. You need to be pretty ignorant to believe the American Government there is no such thing as an UFO, they do exist. Two different kinds. One a globular form of bright light, the other a metalic one.
    Two different entities. Mach 3 is just the landing speed! Outter Space is loaded with them, almost like a freeway there are so many. Just like our commercial jets use freeways in the sky. The Roswell weather ballon story is CNN type fake news. A Cock and Bull story cooked up by the U.S. Military.

  3. To know if aliens are driving n diving the space saucers are true , ask those 80millions Americans, 'who has riden on the flying craft with aliens' and their pictures on board.

  4. i beilieve in ufos becuase i saw one today in the morning there was three lights then two lights then one light then it disapeared also i saw one that was clear and it was flying so fast.

  5. I know for sure they are visiting this planet. I think they purposely want to reveal their presence to all.

  6. These are my own hypotheses, concerning UFO existence.

    Well…… we all know that UFOs exist. World Govt''s can all agree they exist.
    But, are they ours ?…the Russians ?, another Superpowers ?…or even the Nazis?
    Or are they EXTRA TERRESTRIAL.

    I wonder sometimes, with the Nazi theory?
    I believe they worked on the technology of ANTI GRAVITY..counter rotating rings revolving around a supposed Mercury isotope, giving off a blue hue that can separate blood components if standing near, allowing it to levitate. We do know that Nazis escaped from Germany to Argentina…it has been proven. Did they bring Anti Gravity tech. with them and even a few so called Hanebu Spacecraft? It would explain why there is so many sightings in S. America, Mexico and all up the coast to Alaska.

    I doubt its another Superpower like Russia…the country is near broke, they cannot afford the huge budget. The US.? only if they are reverse engineering one that crashed…..No one on the planet has this kind of technology. And certainly not the Chinese…come on…. look at the cheap junk on the market these days…and they build rockets???

    Another theory is the fact of so many UFO sightings near active Volcanoes.
    Ranging from S America, Calif. up to Alaska, Italy etc….worldwide.
    What is the connection??? Some believe the Geo magnetic activity may be some kind of portal through space time…? I wonder if these UFO's may be using or harnessing the power. Perhaps to power their crafts??

    We have been visited for a long long time, Ancient civilizations have seen them, but did not understand like we do now. They are here, always have been…WE ARE NOT ALONE… WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE.

    With all the media shows about UFOs these days, the pressure is on…the truth will…and has to, come out. The Govt can no longer keep us in the dark.
    Experts, astronauts, military personnel are now coming forward. The truth about UFOs will come out…it has to.

  7. At 8 seconds in ~ "…80 million people believe in UFO's, and this may explain why sightings are on the rise"…WTF?…How about…"…80 million people believe in UFO's (BECAUSE) sightings are on the rise". This news caster tries to make it as if UFO believers are all some kind of crazy cult followers, when actually it is he who is in the media cult following his pre-programmed parrot call given to him by his boss, aka, his money god.

  8. Government all way's lie to the voter because they looking at what military advantage if they had control of this technology ? And the thing is they had technology, for years……

  9. bigelow aerospace publicly admitted there reverse engineering ufos.. but so is nasa ,boeing ,lockeed martin , military, random indie groups, you if u want to… other aerospace groups & groups of ppl all over the earth….

  10. sceiensits been studying them whole time… pretty funny staement abc news is part funded by the usa goverment…

  11. hell some news anchors on ur confusing statements brodcasters are ets …. which is pretty godamm halrious u doing good job of pretending not to not know lmao…. oh yea i got my own ufo with hyperspace travel… not all we got are rockets! lmao bitches…

  12. well alot of the ppl not telling u much yet dont care to yet… some of them it actually wouldnt benefit… quite the opposite so theyd rather stonewall out the ass… and play wishy washy mind games…. ufos huh what are those… oh cant travel faster then light bullshit…. wormholes size u can freeze light… u could walk faster then that lol

  13. Just don't listen to anything said by Philip Class he was the biggest disinformation artist the Gov ever hired.

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