UFOs Have New Name According To CNN

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Written and Performed by Mike MacRae

Edited by Michael Wurum

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37 Comments on “UFOs Have New Name According To CNN”

  1. Plenty of other witnesses. They’ve just been called kooks.. also airlines have witnessed plenty. Look at the Japanese airline.

  2. …amazing how they didn't realize the world was talking about UFO's & the government just keeps renaming them. So they can deny researching them…us nutjobs huh..

  3. Thank god one person online at least thinks UFOS are bullshit. I have friends who are legit tenured faculty in Universities are buying into this crap. And they tell me to have an open mind! I tell them, do you have an open mind to the existence of magic when you watch a magician?

  4. Yeah I mean you’re wrong, but it’s still hilarious. The majority of sightings are from average citizens and military accounts. That’s why makes up their report that will be reported on. Didn’t you learn anything in journalism school, Jimmy? Jesus. Lol

  5. Really? Only the military? It’s more like you think all video evidence is quack and all witness ever is also quack

  6. Unless these aliens give us medicare for all or some technology that provides unlimited green renewable energy so we can stop destroying our planet I could give a rat’s ass about aliens.

  7. Given the Advent of this latest alien visitation to the United States, maybe Biden can help Trump build a roof over America?

  8. The aliens will land and say “take me to your leader”

    The aliens will be lead to Joe Biden and will say
    “ NO. I said take me to your LEADER “

  9. It gets me everytime when everyone laughs or when Stef laughs her ass off in the background

  10. look UFO !!! now give us billions to create another armed forces branch;, we call it Space Force.

  11. UFO disclosure is a facade for the antichrist. The true messiah will arrive in an unmistakable cloud.

  12. Actually that’s not totally true. There are actually millions of ufo sightings throughout modern history from regular people. I believe they are real, but the truth is, is doesn’t fucking matter. Because our government, media and military are completely compromised. And genocide is happening in China and the Gaza Strip. That’s far more important.

  13. Before US can deal with UFO'S/UAP'S, Russia,China, N Korea or Iran they have to deal with the deadliest of all universal threats! The UDA white Supremacists! OMG

  14. This blocking Gaza on Google Maps is the last straw for me and Google. It feels like doing business with Nazis. Is there any other way to get TJDS? Fuck Google Search. Fuck Gmail. Fuck Youtube.Fuck Google Maps. I can't do it anymore.

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