UFO's in the NEWS. I decipher what's going on with Pentagon statement

The Pentagon has been talking … for the first time – about UFO’s. The released a statement that more information will be de-classified and… disclosed.
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5 Comments on “UFO's in the NEWS. I decipher what's going on with Pentagon statement”

  1. There was a great Twilight Zone episode called, To Serve Man. In the episode aliens visit the United Nations and deliver a manual that promises to deliver world peace. It turned out that the manual was a cookbook.

  2. hey man. I'm fascinated by this stuff, especially the prominence of all this disclosure in this particular time. its hard to find any well made videos on the topic though, so its good just to hear someone talking about it

  3. Elizondo was just nervous and concerned about being labelled a tin foil hatter like most others that speak out. We know his answer was yes. He just didn’t want to be the only voice saying it 😮 I think we are in for more “real” evidence from pentagon but as always it will be the tip of the iceberg … nice video 👍

  4. One more crazy theory lol – what if they are setting it up so eventually they blame the virus 🦠 on ET crashed craft… then the next war with ETs 🤯

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