UFOs & Jacob Wohl's SLIMIEST Grift Yet? – Weekly Weird News

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• UFOs

• Jacob Wohl and Ghislaine Maxwell?

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39 Comments on “UFOs & Jacob Wohl's SLIMIEST Grift Yet? – Weekly Weird News”

  1. I've seen a UFO. It was after my brother overdosed and I was driving home from the hospital. It was very strange and I didn't think about it for awhile.

  2. saw my uncle yesterday and hes lost 200 pounds since a last saw him
    and damnnnnnn its a big differance and only a year too

  3. The woman is a paralegal who models on the side. I keep imagining they're talking about she-hulk.

  4. Ive been watching the latest videos in reverse for some reason. Everythings slowly adding up.

  5. Just keep rocking guys. You really do have a great way of spreading and explaining news that can you can turn on at any time and enjoy. Keep it up boyos!

  6. hey 🙂 i'm studying media and i'm from europe. i'm very fascinated by your 2 people team, making this show for years ! would it be too much to ask for a vlog, where you show your small studio, what you use a teleprompter, how your editing process looks like and where do you do your media research. maybe talk about how different everything is since machinima died.
    i know, you have already previously spoke about how there is nothing to show, but it would mean a lot for not only me, but for others that want to start a youtube show channel, just to see how it works.

    hoping you see this ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  7. Listen to Navy commander David Fravor speak about his UFO encounter. Him and his co-pilot recorded two videos of it. What he describes and what you see in the video is technology far beyond what any other country has. We don't have it today, and certainly no country had that kind of technology back during/after WW2 when UFO sightings started happening more often. Regarding advanced technology, the UFO in the David Fravor video (which can be found on a US government website) was able to actively jam the radar on Fravor's jet, causing it to get a 99.9% lock on the radar rather than 100%. This kind of active jamming is a technology not possessed by the US military.

    One more thing, the UFOs observed by the military don't fly like anything humans use. Rather than traverse each mile from point A to point B, they can basically teleport from one spot to another. This was observed by the Navy on the day of the Fravor video. At one point that day, the UFO they were tracking suddenly disappeared into thin air, it disappeared from everyone's sight and all radar systems including those on the carrier/base. About 30 seconds later the UFO reappeared back at the point where the pilots had begun their training that day, 60 miles from where it had been before disappearing. These UFOs also have no exhaust or visible propulsion system, are silent, and they can hover in place while remaining COMPLETELY still, so in other words, this is technology that is utterly alien to us.

  8. This is some interesting stuff. They said not all UFOs are human and that somethings found they could not replicate or manufacture by earthly means.

  9. Yep, almost east St. Louis, sauget Illinois. Pops is 24 hours and it’s never a good sign of you end up there after hours. Never was brave enough to eat anything over there, kudos to y’all lol Theres like 6 strip joints in that spot, in the same lot I think it’s diamond cabaret? Larry flints is the mvp though

  10. A cop should just strangle ghislaine in front of the public like they surely can do. Weve seen it done before :s

  11. He’s actually talking about sauget Illinois. It’s pronounced saw jay but the j is soft. And I’ve been to pops before! Love from Illinois

  12. Well when I think about it, in my head alien invasion WAS ahead of pandemic on my apocalypse list. So that's probably why I just wasn't surprised.

  13. Lest anyone be misled, know that Erik Davis embellished the hell out of his “testimony.” Don’t listen to anything he says, cuz it’s too muddy with embellishment

  14. As a Brit watching your show I am puzzled at your use of the Oxymoron "Senate Intelligence" Committee, at least that is how it comes over to us over here. . that said keep up the rants !


  16. I've been watching since I was 16. I'm 20 now, and you guys are one of my favorite channels and I always love the videos

  17. I think you'd be surprised at the reality of the situation. These conspiracy theories and assumptions constantly shock me.

  18. Access to Ki Wi Millers brain? I think I'd like that, but only if I get to access it with a bone-saw.

  19. The thing that pisses me off most about our government allegedly hiding the existence of "real UFOs" or sentient extra-terrestrial life from us is that a few senators (including Harry Reid) only started that thing that Luis Elizondo worked for b/c A BILLIONAIRE had an audience with them and told them he was interested, thought it was worth looking into whether or not UFOs/ETs were real. So of course, something only gets done or taken seriously when a rich person wills it.

  20. And of course Matt Gaetz is now under investigation for being with a "17 year old woman" as he phrased it…

  21. Bro, we fund alien research, but we can’t even put another dollar into education? Wtf?

  22. In Europe those 2 nazi ironic empathisers would be immediately arrested, in my country it's strictly forbidden the use of any nazi symbol. But you USAS, you guys are weird because apparently you are loving Harry the ex prince(?) – Idk or care about his status – In my head, that makes no sense!

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