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  1. Aliens and space are both BS, but objects that can't be identified, both living creatures and mechanical objects flying between the clouds and the ground are very real. There's a page on Facebook called 'UFO Dave' that's got some crazy crazy sh*t you won't believe…

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    Isaiah 55:6 KJV
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  3. Go listen to Dr. Steven Greer he has been talking about what is going on
    with the "UFO" subject for many years now, there exist unacknowledged
    special acces projects which take money from the taxpayers and use it to
    fund these projects, they build anti-gravity craft and reverse engineer
    crashed and shot down extraterrestrial vehicles, the deep state or the
    shadow government and the psychopathic elite that runs this world from
    behind the curtains has been planning to stage an alien invasion since
    the 50s in order to impose martial law and establish a new world order
    and a global one world government to unite all the people of the earth
    to support interplanetary war, so basically they are preparing to stage
    this false flag event in the near future this is why all of a sudden for
    the past 2 years more and more mainstream media outlets have been
    reporting on so called "UFOs" and saying they are a threat, in order to
    fool all the people on earth and convincing most that what the media is
    saying and what the governments are saying is true, when in fact the
    opposite is true, the ETs are not a threat, WE are a threat, the ETs are
    actually prepared to intervene in the case of global nuclear war,
    because they do not want to see us destroy our planet and cause an
    extinction event, they have actually demonstrated this many times by
    flying over nuclear missile silos and turning off entire power
    generation systems, they are actually on earth to protect and observe US
    they are helping us, but how can you help someone who does not want to
    help himself? it is almost impossible for them, i truly hope people of
    our world stop sleeping and stop ignoring the most pressing concerns and
    dangers we all face now and in the future, because if not, then we are
    going to find out the hard way that we were doing wrong all along…

  4. Do another My Take on, "Why people are using their opinion excuse on YouTube for no reason?"

  5. Remember Vicky Cooper (no relation) and what she said when Bill Cooper did an expose of Don Eckert?

  6. It's a shame, the programming is so strong and everywhere, we in our ignorance sometimes help them out without knowing it.
    I have seen many crafts in the sky that defy all I know about physics, yet while I have studied much, I know that I received the plebe education and had to turn off the TV, had to speak with The Almighty God, had to research the occult, the NWO, the many different tentacles of Mystery Babylon.
    I know that what I have seen is not what is presented, my last experience it was impressed upon me that 2 men were operating the"vehicle" or hologram….. I don't believe in aliens, I do believe in a demonic world that man can access, and have learned how to"download" information such as plans for the silicon chip and everything we are seeing as technology is indistinguishable from Majik, and the same forces use technology as Majik, men and demons at high levels of Leadership in almost Every Single Aspect of anything that has a Leader.
    They are getting drunk on the blood of the Saints. I am not speaking about paganism of the Saints of The Catholic Church, I am not speaking of people who believe they are better than another because of their belief system and works, while judging harshly those who walk in the True Faith.
    We need to explain to those who we can reach, we need to expose these deceptions with a lot of evidence of what we are saying, there's plenty of it.
    I can't believe that I had to study the occult teachings to inner stand what is and what is not, what is a vain imagination of men.
    We put our Trust in The Almighty God, we have Faith in Yeshua Messiah, and we try to live the way He did, carrying our cross daily, and of course we want to free our family and friends. I will tell you this much, friends will break your heart, family will destroy you.
    Be not afraid, but be prepared, putting Trust in the God who Created all of this, The Heavens, the Earth, Sun, Moon , Stars and wondering stars and all that is in them.
    Sorry for the rambling, point is I have seen some crazy crafts, I used to think that they were ET, but in the past 10 years, I came to the knowledge that most if not everything I have seen that is so unexplainable to my mind and awareness of the technology that we have today, yet remember that the military industrial complex has openly stated that they are 10-20 years ahead of civilian technology, I would suggest that we could probably times that by a factor of 10, in certain inner circles( remember that most involved, they think they are doing right, they don't know what the final solution is or that they are part of it.
    This is how they work, I am here to say that although I have seen things I can not understand how they morph and cut holes in the sky as if it were a piece of canvas painted with the blue sky, then taking an exacto knife an cutting a small slit in it(it's black behind the sky(at least as far as I could tell) and then slip behind the sky, only to reappear in basically the same manner, it had a cloaking device as well that made it the same color as the sky, and also could change shapes or at least appear to change shapes(might have more to do with cloaking technology(?))
    My point is that while I was watching this craft, I was very aware that 2 men were in the craft, no beings for OUTER SPACE.
    Unfortunately I think many dismiss the idea that demons and Angels can travel in craft or at the least show that man can tap into the demonic to acquire information from the darkness.
    I thank you for your fighting the Good Fight!!!!

  7. Some presidents and I think John dewey said imagine a outside threat to unite the world. A clear sign they are making it up since they can’t be trusted. They are creating the narrative for the sheeple.this fits into one world government.

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