UFOs Over Las Vegas, Nevada On March 5, 2021, UFO Sighting News.

MUFON Eyewitness states: Two objects were noticed and apperard to be over the Las Vegas airport ( coupld have been further ) two seperate objects slowly changing shapes and ;lighting up in daylight with no cloud cover. one started much higer and to the west and eventually disapperared how ever the lower second one was a much better video if you zoom in like I saw in person( not on iphone) you can see it seems to change shape and will intermittently reflect or light up . I believe this was over airport airspace and drones, airplanes or any other object should not have been in the area, I view this area from work 5 days a week and several times a day ( while smoking at work outside) .


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  1. It’s strange how these sighting are getting more and more common now that the US is confirming things, isn’t it?

  2. It could be one of Nellis AFB toys Scott. And after looking at it over & over & over & over again & again even at slow motion mode on zoom, i can detect what may be a energy field surrounding it too. ☝️👨‍🚀🤙🛸

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