UFOs…Seriously LIVE! Ep 2 – Latest UFO News: Space Force, UFO Leaks, Project Blue Book and more!

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In this episode we discussed Project Blue Book, the US Government’s official UFO investigation and the upcoming TV show of the same name. We also talked about the proposed Space Force, a project started to scientifically analyze alleged UFO material, a UFO sighting by an astronaut and much more.

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Article on ADAM Project: http://www.openminds.tv/to-the-stars-academy-partners-with-think-tank-to-examine-ufo-materials/41895

Bob Lazar lecture: https://youtu.be/LoAX1mhrbXU

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6 Comments on “UFOs…Seriously LIVE! Ep 2 – Latest UFO News: Space Force, UFO Leaks, Project Blue Book and more!”

  1. Idiot get an honest job instead of lying for a living trying to hoodwink your audience ! It's people like you that spoil things for everyone

  2. You look a lot older than I imagined…

    What if any Aliens that are encountered, have their own laws/rules??? Silly Humans will automatically think that they own whatever they land on.

  3. He did not invent the Hyperloop. ET3 came first and it is faster. Planet wide is the plan for ET3.

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