30 Comments on “UFOs Sighted From ISS ( June 18, 2021 )”

  1. If you want to understand how this crafts working what they use what can do and whom they belong to you should read this.. You dont have to be smart to realize that US Russia and China have patents on UFO crafts in shape of Triangle Disc Cylinder and Sphere and people see this shape all around the world.

    US Navy

    US10144532B2 – Triangle Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

    US20180229864A1 – High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator – generator for mass reduction

    US10135366B2 – Electromagnetic field generator – antigravity generator

    This is from US inventors

    US3572613A – Circular wing aircraft

    US2801058A – Saucer-shaped aircraft

    US6960975B1 – Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state

    US7108228B1 – Hydrogen-fueled spacecraft

    US8109471B2 – Cylinder shaped interstellar spacecraft

    US5653404A – Disc-shaped submersible aircraft

    US8752787B2 – Electrical driven flying saucer based on magnetic suspension

    US10246200B2 – Centripetal aerodynamic platform spacecraft

    This is from Russia

    WO2008094075A1 – Disk shaped craft

    RU2175627C2 – Flying saucer

    RU2264952C1 – Flying vehicle, type flying saucer

    RU2106287C1 – Complex technology of planetary and interplanetary navigation

    RU2090454C1 – Saucer-type flying vehicle for planetary and interplanetary navigation

    RU2137681C1 – Space vehicle Triangle

    WO2011008136A1 – Spacecraft for interplanetary and intergalactic flight

    SU1838180A3 – Flying vehicle

    RU2131378C1 – Flying vehicle

    RU2714553C1 – Disc aircraft

    RU2715823C1 – Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft

    China patents

    CN102602538B – Magnetic levitation self-driven double-spiral-wing flying saucer

    CN110857151A – Anti-gravity propelling device for mercury Spheres

    WO2018209458A1 – Tai chi flying saucer

    CN106005412B – Flying disk type VTOL high speed electromagnetic aircraft

    CN106005402A – Flying saucer type hypersonic stealth jet aircraft

    CN112572789A – Shuttle dart type hypersonic aircraft

    Other Nations

    DE202006016942U1 – Space ship for using antimatter has an annihilation driving mechanism

    DE10234902A1 – Flying saucer for space stations and interplanetary travel

    KR20000000051A – Airplane using centrifugal force

  2. Could an alien invasion be coming? Has Humanity strayed too far from good and the planet must be reset? There must be a balance..should we be spending as much time with our families as we can?

  3. Is this for real . Did a astronaut really leak a mother fkr alien ship no fff,n way dude . This should be all over the mainstream media. If it's real tho

  4. The most sophisticated cameras on this station and this is the kind of video you get? I call bullshit. It couldn’t be more distorted or out of focus. Why even post this?

  5. Real, fake, I don't know. But the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the V shaped craft was the Sumarian depictions of the Annunaki.

  6. That's just bullshit. This guy literally filmed a monitor screen with an cell phone. In 2021. All NASA streams are accessible and archived properly, in proper pixel density. This here is just internet trash that gives this serious topic a unserious taste.

  7. Бесит это убогое видео. Купите для МКС нормальное оборудование для видеосъёмки, с большим увеличением, чтобы можно было и планеты снимать качественно! И снимайте аккуратно. Зачем такое позорное видео снимаете?

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