UFOs SURROUNDING Us.. And We Can't See Them

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48 Comments on “UFOs SURROUNDING Us.. And We Can't See Them”

  1. Thanks Tyler ✋🏽👽 One of my favorit channel
    When you need helpbor shelter you are welcome in 🇨🇭

  2. I don't think the UFOs that are caught in infrared are dropping things as much as they are just leaking something. Whatever technology keeps them invisible to the naked eye probably cools the air around the vehicle significantly, and that "dripping" effect we see is just the cooler air falling to the ground. The first of the three definitely looked like it was dropping drones though.

  3. Thanks, Tyler. That was good. By the way, I ordered one of your backpacks and it should be arriving soon. Looking forward to using it on a little two day trip I want to take. And want to give us all the info on that full color IR camera? Might like to get one. You know, stuff like where did you get it, how easy to operate (I bought a Nikon D7500 and every time I try to use it I have to look something up in the manual, is it easier than that?), etc. That camera is more complicated than the first computer I ever bought which was around the time of the Challenger explosion!! I should get it out more and play with it but I am afraid I'll drop it. 😆!! Anyway, very interesting video. Great work!

  4. This is what I’ve been suspecting for a long time.
    Advanced stealth/cloaking technology would be child’s play for a technological species advanced enough to traverse the distances between stars. Why would we imagine that they wouldn’t be invisible to us most of the time? Perhaps we only see them with our unaided eyes when the cloaking devices are turned off or there is a technical glitch with them. They obviously have us under surveillance but don’t want to interact with us openly. That alone would be a good reason to employ stealth/cloaking technology.

  5. We should make a formal, national, grassroots investigatory Insomnia team. Send me a camera like that, and I'd be outside all night every night!

  6. My neighbor uses an app that shows every airplane in the sky. Familiar? Ever thought about using something like that while filming to show that it’s at least not a commercial craft?

  7. your chances of seeing things just went up many levels .full spectrum rules .gongrats .can't wait to see what you find .great camera 👍🏻

  8. Tyler those lights you see look identical to what chased me and my cousin in my car in 1997 in Indiana it was a ball of light much like a star but wasn't a star or a plane or a helicopter it moved way too fast and before it chased us it would vanish from one part art of the sky and reappear in another part of the sky and stuff which is impossible by our technology but we seen it with our naked eyes we didn't have Infared vision and we never reported this incident because we didn't think we would be believed and we didn't have a cell phone or camera back in those days to take video of it!

  9. Just no your the best! I was enjoying that 💯
    Just wish the transparent would come out the wood work. That will never happen because the reality is we can’t handle the truth. Well, I think they are wrong I’m ready for this to happen very ready.

  10. My neighbor uses an app that shows every airplane in the sky. Familiar? Ever thought about using something like that while filming to show that it’s at least not a commercial craft?

  11. we can only see 1 count it 1 spectrum of light out of MILLIONS..saw an armada uncloak in 2016..🤔🤔🤔🤔was it us?

  12. The three orbs are in Afghanistan that’s fighter jet launching missiles at them. I saw funker530 post this about a week or more ago.

  13. What if you rigged up your infrared cameras to a drone so if you happen to catch anything you could potentially get close up vids

  14. the footage at 9.32 Its almost like the stuff coming out of the "things" is too much for the "things" to contain/hold/have. And when that missile? hits them both. Its like its disrupts the flow but does not stop the flow. Making me think is more like a wormhole/portal and not a craft dropping things. And the missile? merely disrupted the flow.

  15. Anything on what happened in that last video of the 3 things “dripping” stuff out of them and then it appears they’re hit by a rocket and explode and then are still there? What was that? What happened? Am I the only one to see that?

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