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  1. Nice video, full of "things I lke" =) Thank you.
    I won't comment on every sentences I heard, only how CNES is said in english, a french understands it like this "C NIS" lol

  2. He is not a liar, good choice =)
    PAN = Phénomène Aérien Non identifié OVNI = Objet Volant Non Identifié.
    OVNI is the direct translation of UFO, PAN was created by French Gvt, why isn't there a I for PAN? it should be named PANI
    GEIPAN was created in the dark, and worked in the dark until it realeased the cases, March 22th 2007.
    COMETA is supposed to be "a fake" or "do not exist" to them. Not a single military will confirm it's real, even those whom names are on it deny it. It's a weird paper =)

  3. @IceFritzLanger
    ALF is nearly forbidden also, due to the comic tv show aired in the 80s =))

  4. guys please spread the news… this is real. sightings are all over the world even in our place. these are real flying saucers from outer space! we need to accept it. they can help us but we really need to change our behavior. lets stop the killing and help each other.

  5. The US should start getting serious about this phenomenon like other countries are starting to. Something worth investigating is going on ……

  6. STFU! You actually think goverments are concerned for us? You compare us to wailing children? You're perhaps a fucking fascist working for them, or?

  7. russia england and america are all hand in hand and up to their necks in it and the secrets these three have the alien tech and its locked away in conpartmentalised security in other words god himself could get in the loop as far as ufo's ebe's are concerned free limitless energy and inter stellar travel have been ours for 40yrs fuckin outrageous.

  8. my uncle served in burma in the 1950s as a soldier he and his mates were told to take a tank trailer and winch to the edge of a rain forest were he was told to recover a peice of aircraft wreckage amongst a load of large trees that were cut in half 15ft up was a dull stainless steel disc 30ft across it made a humming noise and it he said felt as light as a feather as if it was on the verge of floating anyway it was loaded taken back into the hands of a swarm of yanks barking orders they all had to sign papers also anyone who touched it had cramps and some had finger nails that went black and pulled or fell out fukkin weird oh and surprise the yanks had a huge radar installation less than 10 km away.

  9. this was sooo painful to watch. Not very articulate when trying to translate what he wants to say from his own thoughts into english. When he reads from his own hand held papers…very articulate in english. To be honest I lost patience and interest in this video and stopped watching.

  10. very hard to understand this guy ,he gives me a headache listening to him , dragging the words and dragging and dragging ….

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