UFOs: The man who chases Canadian conspiracies

Canada is home to some of the most active UFO investigators in the world. Victor Viggiani has made it his life’s goal to find out why there are so many UFO “incidents” in Canada.

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34 Comments on “UFOs: The man who chases Canadian conspiracies”

  1. People that believes that we are the only living thing in the universe are just ignorant and narrow minded.

  2. Please explain how UFOs are a conspiracy? Try looking the word up in the dictionary. Individual people who report seeing something unidentified are not 'conspiring' they are simply testifying as to what they saw!

  3. As Erich Von Daniken points out, from well over 50 years of research, that overwhelming archeological evidence exists that we've been visited by extraterrestrials in our ancient past.

  4. Technology has excelled at an extraordinary rate more advanced than our years, one thing is certain the probability of humans being the only existence in the universe is impossible. The truth is not out there but here with us.

  5. The government knows. They will slowly start putting out information in the next few years. Mark my words. They just don’t want chaos and worry from our civilians if they just drop all the information they have gathered.

  6. There is no suck thing as aliens ..thanKs to your conspiratorial Media ..they spread more disinformation for clicks and profit…. ZERO JOURNALISM!!

  7. An admirable pursuit. This is the greatest and most denied reality in the world. Humanity's contact with intelligent life from beyond is the greatest and most consequential event in human history. It has not come as a result of us venturing out into space; but of races and groups coming here. We are the natives now, being discovered. I recommend the Allies of Humanity Briefings (dot org) free online for an excellent overview of who has come here, what they are doing and for what purpose. An extraterrestrial intervention is underway. We must respond.

  8. I just saw a ufo fly across the sky in lamont !!!!!!!! No joke !!! Been waiting for this my whole life !!!!!! I've always been such a strong believer that people who think we are the only life-form out there are such ignorant people

  9. There must an agenda happening in reason
    Orders from the handlers have given the green light to mainstream media to advertise
    Reason might be alien false flag attack soon to get chipped
    Or a full contact to happen soon in a neighborhood near you

  10. All of us in the incoming generation are ready for this kind of information as it has been a growing topic of discussion for decades and the evolution of tech will make it easier on us for how disconnected we’ve become

  11. The truth will come out sooner then we all think.. I’ve documented a tr3b and a football field sized flying saucer (looked like a cigar from the phone) their all over here in Florida especially central fl

  12. I have some answers beyond most research , Just not all the answers,, I will be revealing new data related to many mysterious recurring images/light like particles or there in abouts.
    Best Regards,
    Ian Armstrong aka Tinman Bigfoot Tracker Channel Canada British Columbia BC.

  13. There here already…they are working with the shadow govt….they are actually demons…not extraterrestrials. They have an evil agenda…research and find out for yourself the truth on this. They will be revealed shortly by the Vatican. They have been here since they were cast out of heaven and are the evil force behind every evil that has happened over the centuries. The great deception is at our doorstep that was predicted in the Bible.

  14. Air Canada Pilot Told Me He Was On A Collision Course With A UFO 🛸 Over Manitoba. He Was A 747-400 Pilot Many Years Ago . True Story . It Was On Radar . It Was Not An Air Plane Or Jet .

  15. I saw an UFO in Amritsar City's (India) outer area, 5KM away from urban in an village near international airport. In month of April or May 2017. It was night 2AM, I was playing on my bed half sitting and half lying on bed, and "something" with "very fast" & in "sharp blue colour light" came to my window with "shoooonnnnnnn sound" & disappeared I got panic and came out of my room and went on roof. My room was on 1st floor and it had open tares and I climbed up to roof of 2nd floor from where all the fields were visible and also the airport. The village street dogs were barking continuously since this happened. There was no sign of anything in sky or all around the village. I know there was something, in a size of |One feet" with unexplained speed… Shared this story with one of senior citizen, a retired officer from Central govt. He said it was maybe my night illusion and said can be some military drone as military camp is also near, 5KM and just opposite of my University.
    Thereafter I didn't explained it to anyone. Unless my father when I visited Delhi (my home). Today I am commenting to share my experience on all videos of INFO I am watching now. It's. 3.26AM Amritsar India.

  16. I have always had an interest in UFOs. I wish I could find this report now, but I remember reading about a UFO report in Canada (this was probably about 10 years ago), I believe it was on the QEW or Route 401, something like that, where a rock band, traveling in a van had some sort of contact with a UFO. I just happened to see this in a public library, while looking up UFO reports online. I've been unable to find anything about the report since. If anyone has heard about it, please respond. It sounded fascinating, and I'd like to know more about what happened. Maybe I'm just not searching for the right things, but it was very interesting. Thank you for any information.

  17. Whether you believe in ufos or not, this is quite the interesting job to get paid for, must be fun. 🙂

  18. My grandfather a police officer and 10 other people seen a UFO back in 1978 October 26th he flashed his police lights and no joke the craft mimicked it it stayed there for 2 hours shining lights until it just floated away

  19. A suggestion for Global News. Please read the title that you chose for this video. Then find a dictionary somewhere and look up the meaning of the word "conspiracy". Then fire whoever wrote this title because in the video there is no mention of any conspiracy.

  20. I was outside one morning. I heard one over our home 1969. It made a low fluttering sound like a flock of birds. It paused looking at me on a Saturday morning. It was round, gray and was quiet. about 30 feet above the house. Then it sped off.

  21. Why is it called a conspiracy? Why are people who seek the truth called conspiracy theorists? It's really derogatory.

  22. I called global news edmonton about my sighting on may 17th ..as soon as i said i didnt have my phone to get pics or video she simply didnt seem to care about my report..

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