UFOs & UAPs: The Situation Has Changed!

#AviLoeb #Pentagon #Galileo Huge news from Harvard’s Avi Loeb, and I’m pleased to play a small role in this important project! In 2017, the world for the first time observed an interstellar object, called ‘Oumuamua, that was briefly visiting our Solar system. Based on astronomical observations, ‘Oumuamua turned out to have highly anomalous properties that defy well-understood natural explanations. We can only speculate whether ‘Oumuamua may be explained by never seen before natural explanations, or by stretching our imagination to ‘Oumuamua perhaps being an extraterrestrial technological object, similar to a very thin light-sail or communication dish, which fits the astronomical data rather well.

After the release of the Pentagon Office of the Director of National Intelligence report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), the scientific community now needs the determination to systematically, scientifically & transparently look for potential evidence of extraterrestrial technological equipment. The impact of any discovery of extraterrestrial technology on science & on our entire worldview would be enormous.

Given the recently discovered abundance of Earth-Sun systems, the Galileo Project is dedicated to the proposition that humans can no longer ignore the possible existence of Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations (ETCs), & that science should not dogmatically reject potential extraterrestrial explanations because of social stigma or cultural preferences, factors which are not conducive to the scientific method of unbiased, empirical inquiry. We now must look through new telescopes’, both literally & figuratively. The Galileo Project aims to identify the nature of UAP and ‘Oumuamua-like interstellar objects using the standard scientific method based on a transparent analysis of open scientific data to be collected using optimized instruments.

The Galileo Project follows three major avenues of research:

1. Obtain High-resolution, Multi-detector UAP Images, Discover their Nature: This goal will be accomplished by searching for UAP with a network of mid-sized, high-resolution telescopes and detector arrays with suitable cameras and computer systems, distributed in select locations. The data will be open to the public and the scientific analysis will be transparent.

We anticipate extensive Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning (AI/DL) and algorithmic approaches to differentiate atmospheric phenomena from birds, balloons, commercial or consumer drones, and from potential technological objects of terrestrial or other origin surveying our planet, such as satellites. For the purpose of high contrast imaging, each telescope will be part of a detector array of orthogonal and complementary capabilities from radar, Doppler radar, and high-resolution synthetic aperture radar to high-resolution, large camera visible range and infrared band telescopes. If an ETC is discovered to be surveying Earth using UAP, then we have to assume that the ETC has mastered passive radar, optical and infrared technologies. In such a case, our systematic study of such detected UAP will be enhanced by means of high-performance, integrated and multi-wavelength detector arrays.

2. Search for and In-Depth Research on ‘Oumuamua-like Interstellar Objects:
The Galileo Project research group also will utilize existing and future astronomical surveys, such as the Rubin Observatory, to discover and monitor the properties of interstellar visitors to the Solar system. We will conceptualize and design, potentially in collaboration with interested space agencies or space ventures, a launch-ready space mission to image unusual interstellar objects such as ‘Oumuamua by intercepting their trajectories on their approach to the Sun or by using ground-based survey telescopes to discover interstellar meteors.

3. Search for Potential ETC Satellites: Discovering potential 1 meter-scale or smaller satellites that may be exploring Earth, may become feasible with VRO in 2023 and later, but if radar, optical and infrared technologies have been mastered by an ETC, then very sophisticated large telescopes on Earth might be required. We will design advanced algorithmic and AI/DL object recognition and fast filtering methods that the Galileo Project intends to deploy, initially on non-orbiting telescopes.

Proud to be on the Advisory Board: https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/galileo/advisory-board

🎥 Watch the press conference https://youtu.be/Q3NqRak2tjc
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25 Comments on “UFOs & UAPs: The Situation Has Changed!”

  1. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 10 (extremely), how likely is it that objects such as ‘Oumuamua are extraterrestrial technology?

  2. One large leap for mankind. Today marks a momentous occasion. Einstein is smiling! Release the scientific method.

  3. Just imagine if all those string theorists were working warp drive tech(type1,2,3&4)and human space exploration

  4. This is not a phenomenon. It’s a reality. Call it if you will, a self-disclosure for every human being on earth. When the time comes to be accepted by humanity it will not need physical facts or laboratories prove it’s real. This will require people to suspend what they have been using their entire lives to keep themselves grounded. This is where every person on earth should start…now. It will be gut wrenching and extremely disturbing for most.

  5. The Pentagon Report said that there are a few things they couldn't identify. It also ruled out extraterrestrials. From what I know of Arthur Clarke and Galileo they would object to your promoting such a silly fallacy as "We don't know what it was so it must be whatever I say it is" in their names. Galileo is considered the father of the scientific method. This kind of presupposition is not scientific in the least. Galileo did not prove science wrong: he used science to prove superstition wrong. A vital aspect of the scientific method is attempts at falsification; can you prove your hypothesis wrong? Yet most alien believers dismiss falsification out of hand with accusations of "close mindedness" … while their own minds remain closed to any possibility that is not aliens.

  6. As Michio Kaku said, he believes we are very likely to make contact this century with extraterrestrial life. Let’s hope this curiosity and serious open debate on the subject starts an unstoppable trend in the search for the truth as to whether they exist or not. If they do and have been here then obviously they aren’t hostile and we could stand to learn a lot from them!

  7. I am very excited about this news! Dr Loeb is brilliant and I am so content that he is leading this initiative. I loved when he said approx "In Astronomy when things fly fast above your head, we ignore it… now we will focus on such things"… this right here, to me, if what science is all about!

  8. In my opinion, it can't be more than 1 — not for reasons of pessimism, but we know that asteroids and comets exist. We know that there are objects in the solar system we haven't seen or discovered yet. We do not know that ETCs exist. Assuming a priori that they might exist is unparsimonious. It's more parsimonious than saying they might be magic space weasels, but only just.

    That said, the "upside" of discovering the true nature of objects like Oumuamua is very very high — so it's definitely worth looking and keeping an open mind. Like everyone else, I want it to be aliens. But I also want to be sure that it's aliens.

  9. Anyone hating on billionaires and loves UFO's. Sit on this one. This would not be happening without them.

  10. What's the name of the person who donated the money? Look up! It's on the facade of the building your office is at! lol

  11. “5 will get you 10” when this guy “opens the curtain” he will see the FBI/Deep State “pulling the strings” on the recent UFO hysteria…as a distraction/disinformation project.

  12. Really not a fan of people using the scary ET picture. Just leave that to the side for moment

  13. this guy keeps repeating the same exact shit in every interview. "my colleague said i wish it didn't exist" i bet the guy who said that is like dude wtf i was just fucking around. its so obvious, i mean when has anyone ever meet a scientist who doesn't want interesting things to happen in his field. Avi took his colleagues statement out of context, his collogue probably said it in a joking way because maybe of the time they were devoted to it, who knows but sorry Avi sounds kinda lame when he brings up his colleagues that dont want interstellar objects to exist. riiiiiiight……

  14. I take my previous statement back, Radio technology might be more relevant than I first thought.

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