UFOS vs Natural Phenomenons with Rob Freeman and David Palachik | Algonquin Park Expedition 2021

Rob Freeman and the UFO World Explorer team were on a UFO Expedition in the Algonquin Park area and on Friday, Aug 13th, 2021, managed to capture an atmospheric “Sprite” at Oxtongue Lake, just outside of Algonquin Park at 10:14 PM on video, with a full spectrum camera. It was a clear sky all the way to the intense lightning storm that was happening around the southern part of Lake Ontario & Lake Erie, so the circumstances lined up perfectly for us to see it, approximately 200 miles away! This Sprite is about 40 miles above the thunderstorm. We have video from the whole evening, but only saw this 1 Sprite … a rare thing to see from the ground!


Over the last 6 years, we (the Making Contact Team), have been traveling around the world to over 14 countries, meeting CE-5 observers & documenting our experiences “in the field” with them & on our own. Rob Freeman, Mark McNabb, Lissette Rodriguez. Our “Making Contact Project”:


View past expeditions & find out about upcoming expeditions:

Trailer for our doc “Making Contact: Be Inspired” which premiered at Starworks USA, Laughlin, NV, Nov 2, 2018:

Our famous Squamish orb that MUFON has published in a magazine as one of the top 13 in the world for 2017:

And it made it to the CTV National News in Canada here:

The full, original Squamish Orb video:

AADS “Atmospheric Anomalies Detection System”, the full camera & scope equipment:

This YouTube Channel clickable link: Rob Freeman – UFO World Explorer:

Anyone may use part or all of this footage in another YouTube video as long as you post the following as is, near the top of the description, and totally visible without a viewer needing to click on “show more”, whether mobile, or desktop .. thanks so much!:

Footage used with permission from YouTube Channel: Rob Freeman – UFO World Explorer:


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