UFOs: Will the truth finally be told?

With the Pentagon set to release a report into UFO sightings, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell reveals what has been captured on video, and how much of it could be revealed to the public. Richard Southern reports


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  1. Identities of the Men in Black of the military will soon be exposed.
    They have to return the recordings they confiscated.

  2. All these videos have been debunked but medias continue to spread them for clics. Pentagon pretending not to know what it is is a joke or they just want to justify more fundings for the military. Videos displayed in media are edited as on some of them we can hear the observers realise what they are looking at. This is footage from military planes, sometimes infrared, sometimes from moving jets, with big stabilised zooms, thus explaining the perceived speed.
    Breaking news : these are all either birds either planes.

  3. Like the military would ever admit it's not theirs and it's not aliens either… meaning: Our adversaries could be miles ahead of us.
    This whole thing is BS. They've investigated these things for over 70 years and by now they know what it is. The real question is: What does the military have to gain by "opening up".

  4. Lol , it's funny how people act like this is something new , we've been seeing them in florida for years.

  5. To Canadian News channels: Please try your best to stay up to date on this topic, the most important news ever in history. Updates and leaks and new info is coming fast every day it seems now. As you know, a former colleague of former undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon and former Aatip Pentagon program head Luis Elizondo has already stated on the KROQ radio show that there are and have been for a long time now hundreds of U.S. beyond top secret government operatives who have already been having direct one on one contact with some of these alien and/or interdimensional beings.
    Furthermore, retired U. S. Navy Chief Master at Arms Sean Cahill has already made it abundantly crystal clear that these craft exhibit technologies that are at least 100 to 1000 years or more beyond even the absolute best top secret human technology (and have been seen since the 1920's and even documentation of events like this going back even further in time than that) and Luis Elizondo have already openly admitted bravely and courageously that the government has known about these craft and events going back at least 71 years and in some cases a lot further back in time than that, and that the US government almost certainly has recovered UFO crash debris and craft and materials in its possession.
    And, famous gov't scientist Eric Davis and some of his colleagues have already made official classified statements to closed door sessions of Congress that this technology being seen and recorded for many decades is off-world technology.

    And: former AAtip head Mr. Elizondo has already made it clear on the Mystery Wire news event that these technologies represent a type of tech that is well beyond even the best human made technology and that the government is aware of that for a long time also.

    And: It is now as of yesterday coming out to the public some official military documents showing U.S. Military Generals talking in written documents openly about these same type of UFO events and craft from back in 1947, which completely throws out entirely the even extremely remote and frankly ridiculous idea that these types of technologies were originally designed and developed by humans or that they could ever possibly be drones or illusions, birds, balloons, lightning balls, gas, refracted light, satellites, etc..

    Also there are at least one member of the mainstream science community and another who is also a famous scientist and famous in academia who have in the past week openly admitted that #1: a Jet Propulsion Labs scientist has admitted that these craft are most likely not human and are most likely interdimensional craft. and #2: Scientist Sam Harris has said that he and others in elite levels of academia and the scientific community, who for decades have ridiculed and humiliated anyone who talked about aliens, are getting under the table and quiet/secret extra footage and data to show them that this is all most likely not human in origin at all, and that they are trying now behind the scenes to figure out how to handle this and how to talk bout it to the global public and how to handle the fact that many people over many decades have been trying to talk about it but have been put down and dismissed and now it turns out that obviously they shouldn't have been. Please to all good journalists and news shows, try to keep up. This is the biggest news story ever and you and everyone else should rightfully be doing the truthful and ethical humanitarian thing and talk about this round the clock 24/7…thank you sincerely in advance from all peace loving humans around the world who've been screaming into the wind for many decades if not longer to try to make the powers that be admit the truth that we have never been alone. 🙂

  6. "UFOs: Will the truth finally be told?"

    That title is a conspiracy theory. Why would anyone with a half ounce of sense bother watching this clip?

  7. To me it didn't drop into the water it for lack of another term disappeared above the water! Portal?

  8. Unbelievable. Just follow The Sagan Standard. The chances of UFOs / UAPs are extra-terrestrial in origin is close to zero. They're all military toys from either the US, Russia and or China.

  9. Repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, believe in him today!

  10. People people, here it is.. Its starts in genesis 6.. And its been going on for years, decades, centuries..

  11. This is just another attempt to further us into a centralization of power along with Covid, and Climate crisis, all to push us into AGENDA 2030!

  12. It escapes the notice of this self-obsessed planet that we're in a spiritual war for souls. The immensity of ignorance is astonishing: the dark powers bedazzling the minds of the masses. I'm an ex neo-vedantic (hindu roots) new ager. I used to be into a lotta cosmic sh*t: UFO's/E.T's, channelings, ancient wisdom, gurus, psychedelics and mystics. I was enlightened then 6 years ago I got properly enlightened/converted by the Holy Spirit which showed what a fool I was. In the Light of Spirit turns out UFO's don't come from distant star systems or galaxies, the truth is much closer to home: they're either secret gov. tech or ancient fallen angels and their associates: highly-intelligent beings yet highly-deceptive (Ephesians 6:12). The "illuminati" are allied with deviant angels, it's all about deceiving mankind and it's p*ss easy to do it: just illuminate an influential and the rest is history (and now). A Great Deception is coming (Matthew 24:24) Indeed, it's already taken root. As a new ager I didn't wanna believe but in the Light of Spirit Jesus really is the way, the truth and the Life just like He said, and He meant it literally: no one comes to God except through Jesus.

  13. So the big reveal by the government will be that they tell us they don't know anything about flying objects they previously told us they didn't know anything about??? Well that clears it right up.

  14. Im sorry but I know for a fact these new sightings are nothing more that high end military drones, which are been filmed from far off.

  15. Report so far:
    They're not our's
    There's no evidence they are ET
    We don't know what they are
    This is totally unacceptable from a taxpayer point of view

  16. He is right what are they doing there not just joy riding site seeing they have a motive and I it is not bad like independents day,

  17. Not like the government will ever know what they are, but its about time they stop hiding these unknowns.

  18. What's scary is how do they know where a nuclear warhead or reactor are? Those things are HEAVILY shielded. Answer may involve multidimensional entities who can see a cross section of our universe, thus inside everything.

  19. Lol yeah it's a threat to our nuclear bases. BTW those who are astute enough to deduce that disclosure is being leaked from the same agencies that were lying to you for decades about the existence of UFOs.
    "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises….".

  20. Jeremy is a shill ufo's are holograms of demons demons are aliens because there are no other planets get read for the fake alien invaison better have Christ

  21. UFO's? There are no sonic booms. Why? Because a UFO can pass on through the barrier of sound without breaking it.

  22. The aliens are keeping an eye on our nuclear trigger finger. Good point though. I could see the government sitting on great footage only releasing stuff that could be dismissed by critics.

  23. This phenomena exists from the beginning of time even indian culture talks about that with veda vimana even the bible is about that not about god and so on
    You know for example that Zulù culture talks about a war fought in skies more or less 200.000 yearas ago? and there is much much more you have to read ancient books and elder scrolls to understand the phenomena in a new and scientific way not labeling them as myths and legends: not all of them are so.

  24. So, the filmmaker has “secret footage” he hasn’t released? So, is he now the master of UFO footage and he gets to decide what the public sees? Lol

  25. I actually know his source bob lazar. I know many others who worked on the projects i can also name where they found the crafts for testing.

  26. They have real footage from all over the world 🌎 secureteam10/THIRDPHASEOFMOON look them up real UFO footage really creepy!👽 👾

  27. It’s probably that joker Greg Brady with his flashlight and slide whistle. Until now he only fooled Marsha and Jan.

  28. So now that the virus has basically lost its fear factor, you now need to be afraid of the threatening ufos. You know, the ufos that have been around for hundreds of years, that have displayed unfathomable technical abilities suggesting that if they were hostile, they could’ve wiped us out at any time, ya well now your loving caring government is here to keep you safe once again from this supposed threat.

  29. How do you know they don't have any of that if it's not a clear image! C'mon now dude don't play with me. It could also be a human from the future if it is a ufo like the documentary said that more sense.

  30. What if the U.S. Govt (Darpa) for example, is creating these UFO Images like the Tic tac image ?? What if its just a technology that projects an image in mid air using Military Satalites, and submaries ? What if its just a hologeam in mid air? It would be great to confuse the enemy pilots chasimg a light similar to the way a cat chases a laser dot on a wall. -That would explain the high speeds, High G force turns, , not visiblw on normal radar but visible on thermal camaras. What if its just U.S. govt technolpgy that produces a hologram in mid air???

  31. There’s no UFO’s. The military has this technology & Trump told them to declassify it.

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