UFO?UAP LIVESTREAM: Danny Sheehan, Mark Simms Tyler Zahradnik

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Today, we chat with the Co-Founder of the Paradigm Insititute and producers of this past weekend’s Making Contact Virtual Conference, Mark Sims and Tyler Zahradnik. Also, we have on legendary Constitutional attorney Danny Sheehan to discuss his past cases and the progress made on the IG request from earlier this year. Come aboard, let’s get weird!

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17 Comments on “UFO?UAP LIVESTREAM: Danny Sheehan, Mark Simms Tyler Zahradnik”

  1. Great show today! Danny and Mark are good friends. Let's do a show where we cut through the bullshit on alien abductions. I'm serious. We'll talk facts and EVIDENCE! Call me.

  2. I'm also doing a new project with Danny and The New Paradigm Institute on abductee and experiencer rights. We are putting together a board that has 3 lawyers plus abduction experts on it. Both of them and I are on it.

  3. Its funny some of the hypocrisy I've noticed from some people…such as these independently wealthy people like Mark Sims being called a liar, and a scam artist..And just doing this for money… Yet when people say that Mick West is doing his debunking for similar motives such as money ect. He gets defended by saying Mick West is already wealthy..he doesn't need the money… So all I'm saying is maybe things are not as simple as people want them to be…maybe multiple things are true…just like with UAPs in general..Also for people who are also skeptical about people claiming to be able to "contact" UAPs watch this https://youtu.be/F_iSLAbkPtE they show videos of what happens when they "contact". If it's real I would love it. But I want scientists to review and gather more data first hand. That would go a long way. But for those who are just calling them names and hating….you're not helping.. Sure be skeptical..that's fine. But keep an open mind and ask for them to allow science to research with them if they're confident.

  4. Crazy thing about corporations is that they helped Biden raise waaayyy more money vs Trump….wasn't even close…well that and the mainstream media (MSM) basically all but a tiny few being left leaning and seemingly covering up certain stories to help one party.. Like the Hunter laptop/emails prior to the election. For this reason I don't see the Democratic party leaders being in a rush now to change anything with Citizens United. Just the harsh reality in my opinion trying to look at it from the middle.

  5. Thank you so much for having our team on your platform! We look forward to reconnecting with you in the future! Keep up the great work! 👽 🛸

  6. Danny us 100 percent correct. The corruption has spread to every aspect of the american government and industries we need revolution now if humanity has a chance.

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