Underwater UFOs – Paranormal News / The Trippy Show

For the first time on The Trippy Show, we discuss underwater UFOs. Do they exist?

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24 Comments on “Underwater UFOs – Paranormal News / The Trippy Show”

  1. Trippy in pc while using the editor mode u can go through walls including going into MT. Chiliad

  2. Mystery over I know how to get the jetpack 1st get a buzzard helicopter get into the iaa building buy shooting out the windows in the mission jump out into the with a parachute around there you will find it inside the building but when you get it, it will be located near franklins house you will know because the garage will open and before all this stuff you need to go inside the prison for 48 min at 1 of the gaurd towers keep shooting the cops if you can survive that long

  3. Hey guys just gotta say love your channel. Video game commentaries, theorys, alien discussions. Keep it up guys it's also cool that you guys are based in Tampa I just moved to Hernando and I saw my first UFO a couple weeks ago. Low flying orb shape completely silent and very fast.

  4. Still Tuning in guys, Trippy shit dude but ya know it isn't called Trippy commentaries for no reason 😉


  6. Trippy!!! Ok look i think that you should follow the directions on the back of the special edition map (were the x is) in next gen!! Try it, or do the ps2 cheat code for the jetpack on top of mount chiliad

  7. Techy they woodent be called ufos they be called uwfo underwater flYing object bit tripy we only no 1% of all life in space that's barey switch ing the sufres so we actually no more about life in the sea then life in space we no more about our planet then space its for a second I thought this was GTA five I like the Spocky alien music its really mterys

  8. Wat if their is a miltaty base mt cliaead and the jetpack is in their that path that appears on the map but is on the side of the mt way of it leads to a sercet door that goes into my i m going to chack it out

  9. Trippy If the mystery is online you crack the mystery, get the jetpack then you're not a high enough level to use it.

  10. hey talk about the alien sounds since 2001 in the sky ive heard them and there weird look it up

  11. I live in Green Bay, WI, which is right near Lake Michigan, and the only "Alien Activity" I've seen was a giant Green Blue, orb. It was here and gone so fast.

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