UNKNOWN – Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions, Demons & Ancient Legends Trailer

UNKNOWN – Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions, Demons & Ancient Legends. Watch the full documentary with no ads NOW: at https://5thkind.tv/ . Early Access Video Link: https://5thkind.tv/final-cut-abductions-human-hybridisation-ancient-aliens/100001187/ Join the community! PREMIERE THIS FRIDAY ON YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIKza0Ub12c

Ancient tales of abductions can be found in cultures all over the world. The Mami Wata people of West Africa. The philippine legends of the “Diwatas” The biblical accounts of the “Watchers” and the “Nephilim” just to name a few.

UFO Sightings, strange creatures, and demons are embedded into humanity’s collective memory. As well etched in Ancient Alien artwork, carvings, and statues the world over. This Bizzare Mystery has repeated generation after generation.

The claims and writings documented around the phenomenon span from thousands of years ago to this current day.

In this documentary, Paul Wallis explores ancient abduction accounts, along with the more recent cases such as “Betty and Barney Hill”, ” Jane Pooley” and research from professor John Mack.

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  1. There is so much in the universe we don’t understand. But the ocean we really know very very little. The Dogon people as well. ✊💫

  2. If you look at life around us today, as people go missing every day, who is to blame, welll I am sure some would love to blame the mysterious if blamed themself, maybe that instigated ALIENS…. The scapegoat of history, it was not me, I swear , the aliens came and took em and me, and my neighbors and I am sure Elvis Presley.

  3. The philtrum (Latin: philtrum, Greek: φίλτρον philtron, lit. "love charm"), or medial cleft, is a vertical indentation in the middle area of the upper lip, common to many mammals, extending in humans from the nasal septum to the tubercle of the upper lip.

  4. I am a Filipino.
    Diwata: fairy
    Engkanto: the unseen creatures
    Lamang dagat: sea creatures

  5. Aswang: shape-shifter (man eater)
    Manananggal: "remover" (baby abductor) the lower half stays on ground the upper half flies with big bat wings

  6. Mani wata, mother from the water, people from the plaid's. Humanity, people from the 21st century, what to do about our reality?

  7. Sit we in a structure, infinite it be, came from where is the mystery, have we many philosophies, indeed the scientific method have we. Parse and Analise reality. An excellent logic until the 21st century. Now we have internet connectivity. Creatures like me embarked on another sea. Computers allow an off side reality, you tube to see my sea.

  8. A god or demon or a 3rd party, humanity! 3 infinities, one entropy, one the 1st escapee, and the 3rd reality where sit we, deep in the geometry, interested mathematically in the fractal reality. Ask creation it's reason to be, no answer has reality. No answer has the escapee for it's reality. Up to the conscious to fill in reality.

  9. sanskrit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is a copy paste liitle modified language of INDIAS INDEGENIOUS COMMUNITY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, its a fraud,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sanskrit people culture knowledge is also stolen culture of indegenious community,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and the tribes from which sanskrit seem to be derived/stolen/conspired, by the liars,, are the tribe culture who seems to be showing some similarity to east african tribes

  10. oh you got a wiki paul. you know you are over the target when you get a wiki(or a "fact checker")

  11. Paul you must do a story regarding Chandra Tal or (Moon Lake) situated in Himachal Pradesh India, where a lot of UFO are seen and lots of legends of Devathas.. Cheers love the way you narrate it

  12. Love this guy!! I bought his book "ESCAPING FROM EDEN" from Amazon and will be delivered today CAN'T WAIT!!

  13. First of all, Paul, I ♥ your shirts, they are so beautiful! Secondly, much credit for your book "Escaping from Eden". Its mindboggling how you explained the stories in the Bible with E.T. contacs and I believe all of what you wrote!! Esp your views on Genesis..that really is plausible!! I always felt and thought that way too. I never believed that God could be this violent being who gave us freedom of choice and then punished us if we choose to act on this freedom, doesn't make any sense, a schitzofreniac would do this, but explained that "the powerfull ones" would see it as a treath to them if we become mentally and spiritually well develloped is very plausible!! In your book you also wrote about different bloodtypes..well I believe that some are created by entities who are violent, have no emotions, no empathy or compassion, no consciousness of good and others are created by e.t.'s who are kind, compassionate, empathetic, children of darkness and children of light, sorta speak. I know that the reptillians and greys are ruling this planet and still keep us as slaves, preventing us from becoming our full potential by calcifying our pinealglands and ascending trough meditation. I hope and pray that licht will win over darkness! I ♥ your book and recommend it to anyone who's searching for answers to passages of the Bible! Much love & light, from Belgium, Paul! ♥

  14. In the philippines we have tagalog: Diwata= tagalog/bisaya: engkanto= bisaya: dili ingun nato
    We have dwarves, fairies, tikabalang(horse that stands upright like a man), syokoy (mermen) and sirena (mermaid) and many more. These beings are said to transform from non corporeal beings into tangible ones that are able to abduct people and bring them to their world. Also, check out the hidden city of Biringan, a city that seems to be in another dimension. There were reports of people seeing it. It is usually described as a city that is so advanced for our time. It has skyscrapers and cars and technology never before seen by the locals. People there are said to look like mestizos (fair skinned). They also marry human beings that they are attracted to. They give food to their abductees and if you eat the food they give, you wont be able to return to our world.

  15. There is a place here in the Philippines called biringan city said to be a mythical city. try to research it and pls tell me what you think. Ty,😊

  16. Watch an interview between Credo Mutwa and David Icke called Reptilia Agenda 3hrs30min has a lot of this kind of info

  17. To add more excitement, here in the philippines we have what they call biringan city or black city, a mythical place where enkanto and diwata dwells.

  18. in india there is no idea of God. Dvas are higher dimensional beings who are just a gateway to higher dimensions of oneself . Yes in the west they would like to use god. but that's not how it works in India.

  19. Thank you sir they make it tough to be able to hear and see your wisdom sum bullshit content with a wiki definition that we all know gets used for ass-wipe. gallows 4 all

  20. In national parks and leave there shoes usually. Missing 411 look it up. Its still happeneing. Very crazy

  21. Paul, I really really enjoy your work- hope to meet you some day, keep up the great work you do to further our experience of this lifetime as well as understand our profoundly amazing past! Love from the Motor City, Detroit Michigan to you brother!

  22. As it was in Noah’s days they were fighting Nephillum ppl giant ppl that’s where Marvel came from… the only thing God didn’t destroy was the marine kingdom because when he flooded the earth they were already in water they couldn’t drown so that why the second coming is fire to burn up the serpent ppl and yes ppl there is a serpent seed as well as a physical seed which are (humans) that’s why God told satan that he will put enmity between the seed of the woman (us) and that the seed (us) will crush his head

  23. ' Dli ingon NATO ' God The slang brah 😂 I laughed Im honestly surprised this channel covers Filipino Myths

  24. A lot of Real Old Villages' Tales of Alien Abductions & Visitations make the majority of mainstream channels on these Paranormal Subjects looked so Kindergarten Level! 🕯

  25. There's so many in Philippines folklore, tikbalang/half human half horse, Nuno sa punso/dwarfs in an anthill, Dwende/Elves, Kapre/Giant, Manananggal/Gargoyle like female with her half body flying to eat babies of pregnant women..diwatas can be also in the forest and bodies of water, and we also call em sirena or shokoy/merman…

  26. I think we have our culprit for strange disappearances that never add up, always near bodies of water.

  27. Job 26:5 "Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof"…. dead things in the language the hebrews spoke back then translates into rephaim (offspring of the fallen powerful ones), just a connection i thought of while watching this video, thumbs up…. the word dead things translated in the bible into rephaim are also in other verses in peter and many times in isaiah

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