Unknown UFO IMPACTED The International Space Station! NASA What Happened? 2021

Unknown UFO IMPACTED The International Space Station! NASA What Happened?

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46 Comments on “Unknown UFO IMPACTED The International Space Station! NASA What Happened? 2021”

  1. Great music guys! Definitely had a RUSH vibe, mixed with catchy power-pop overtones. I dug it and can't wait to hear more.

  2. Hold on are you guys ufo researchers or wannabe rockstars?? Not trying to be funny but some of the things you do makes the channel seem less credible and more like a way to make money! The fact that all you guys like greer ancient aliens and now you guys it seems like ur all either trying to sell books dvds on amazon and now music?? Now if you wanted everyone to know the truth u could do it for free on the Internet. …

  3. I wonder what the Astronauts would have thought if called to the lounch site
    50th time for nothing, just standing there….and driving home …

  4. Please post the original source link of the NASA footage. Otherwise it might be poorly vetted CGI like many of your other posts that have to get retracted.
    If it's real footage the possibility exists that there are 2 craft going in opposite directions. Something traveling that fast hitting ISS without destroying it is impossible. I'll bet you can't find the official NASA post and tomorrow you'll be saying how sorry you are for failing as a ufo journalists.
    I hope your band is a success. It's not for me. I love the grateful dead. Not an Ozzie black sabbath groove.
    Good luck 👍

  5. The first one is a fantastic catch! There's no impact shake on the camera, so I would hope that it doesn't make contact and only comes to an extreme stop and reverse! But then what is the orb that shoots off to the right?

  6. In the first clip, let's call it the "ping pong ball", the most amazing thing it did was to change direction off to the left after the "hit" as it was going away. The contrail clip was probably a test launch of a rocket from under the wing of a larger "host" plane. The "host's" contrail continued on after the rocket de-coupled and headed straight up.

  7. why is the ISS using camera with such poor resolution…like 144p.. WTF? why arent these images Crystal clear?

  8. That music is for like fourth or fifth graders but it’s OK just keep jamming out to young but anyways keep on bringing us the videos and the truth👽🛸🔭👽🛸🔭

  9. please stop plaing rockstars , you whil go down and lose people. you wakeup. you start 2 be WHAAAAT you dint like. you go down doing this.

  10. You guys should learn how to play before you do video playing air guitar. Stick to UFO'S PLEASE!

  11. This isn't hard to wrap your head around! The "Object" regardless of what it actually is, is CHANGING course as it go's away from the point visually one can see it moves Away from the camera. It's moving to the left in an arching motion. So "What's" Acting upon it to be causing course changes? There's no air for english even if it were spinning! And UFOs in earths atmosphere have been observed changing course and moving 180* degrees at hi-speed without stopping or slowing one scintilla. Looks like the real deal to me personally.

  12. The graininess of what I'm seeing here, makes analysis really hard. But have YOU ever seen an actual nuclear detonation in orbit? I mean other than Hollywood type crap? I pray it wasn't, but, I couldn't say it wasn't after watching that!

  13. The New Jersey video is two air craft. #2 flew #1's retrace line and pulled a nose up then climbed straight up. Look at the con "trails".

  14. In the video 6mins and 25 seconds to me it looks like it did the colors of the U.S.A. flag to me with it's ship. I see red on the bottom, white in the middle and blue at the top. Maybe trying to make some kind of contact…just my opinion. Love the videos I'm a fan! Stay looking in the sky.

  15. Bit of click bait in the title there Brent still reckon might be explosive bolts that hold the craft together

  16. Just seems to good to be true to capture a ufo like that there is like an explosion making me think could be part of the rocket exp bolts..

  17. Great news bad music… Please stop pushing the music you will lose your followers

  18. I hate being such a downer… I love third phase…. But my god man please as a friend stop the music career before it stops you

  19. What beautiful CGI by Nasa on that near miss. Wow i cant believe this i mean No I can't.

  20. Powerfull footage ! I just want to believe . I love the mistery, every day . thanks for sharing , greetz from Belgica

  21. music promotions on this channel. this is fked, then cgi ufos stuff. this is getting to be bs

  22. I get so frustrated when videos of helium balloons 0:20 get mixed in with other intriguing UFO footage. Overall, it promotes a comical, non credible nature to all other sightings.

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