Upcoming UFO Report to Details ‘Difficult to Explain’ Sightings, Ex-Intelligence Chief Says

The Pentagon in December was given 180 days to release a detailed report containing evidence of UFO sightings by the military. That deadline is soon approaching, and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has offered some preview insider information.

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26 Comments on “Upcoming UFO Report to Details ‘Difficult to Explain’ Sightings, Ex-Intelligence Chief Says”

  1. Pelosi: "The border crisis is out of control. Does anyone have any ideas?"

    Kamala: "Can we claim Dr. Suess is racist?"

    CNN: "Trump taxes?"

    Schumer: "Can we bomb another country?"

    MSNBC: "Pandemic?"

    Psaki: "Let me circle back."

    AOC: "Climate Change?"

    Sanders: "$15 per ouwa?"

    Bill Clinton: "Will Epstein's island ever reopen?"

    Cuomo: "Anything but nursing homes."

    Swalwell: "Cuomo's assaults?"

    Joe: "Mr. Potato Head?"

    Pelosi: "Okay. UFOs it is."

  2. Hurry up and release it all, Dust off the Crashed Roswell Craft and Roll it out with the Space Force. 🙂

  3. They keep showing the same videos while ignoring the multicolored black triangles that are most widely reported in case studies on sightings.

  4. I certainly hope that the mainstream media will pick up on this news and discuss it in the serious manner that it deserves. Just think of how different the world would look, within days, if the public was made aware of another intelligent species in an educational, logical and compassionate way. I believe that humanity, as a whole, is at a very significant cross-road right now. It's time to open our minds, and hearts to a transformative realignment of our pre-conceived notions of our place in the universe.

  5. If they were "here to take our stuff" they would have done it by now. Typical scaremongering. What evidence have you got that they are hostile? Just another example of a media person misrepresenting the truth. SMH. False Flag Operation here we come.

  6. They are now making it widely acceptable that aliens exist and they are here why are they doing this? They've always kept it secret before so why are they doing it now? They are getting us ready for something something big is coming, what is that going to be who knows.

  7. These idiots are part of the effort to make this whole thing a joke and it is not. These are extremely maneuverable objects invading airspace. There is nothing funny about that.

  8. What I think the report will show :
    There is no possibility that the " Tic Tac" flying object is man made because humankind lacks the technology .
    Numerous unidentified flying objects can not be explained .

  9. The first clip with UFO from FOX interview is a fake. Disappointing they would show that.

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