US has been tracking UFOs for 70 years, Tucker reacts

Former Pentagon official Lue Elizondo discusses federal government’s UFO report on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.

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33 Comments on “US has been tracking UFOs for 70 years, Tucker reacts”

  1. U.S. gov. lied about masks and shutdown period, no way they will they ever give away information that they are not the supreme power.

  2. My guess is Switzerland. CERN and other advanced technologies but dont forget Roswell.
    Also whoever it is tested lasers on the indigenous in Brazil.
    Last but least are cattle drained of blood with no wounds out west.

  3. The only problem I have with this UFO non sense is the fact that I have visted nearly every continent and over 12 nations, yet I don’t hear other counties ever talk about UFOs. My wife is from Germany and she said the Germans view UFOs as an American issue.

  4. UFO's dropped off democrats here years ago because they were creating division and destroying there planet. Not to mention they were trying to change the planet into a communist planet and too many genders to keep up with.

  5. MY solution is to SHOOT…..SHOOT NOW and SHOOT TOMORROW until you hit something and we can put this to bed.

  6. The Pentagon keeps WHINING that the 'Aliens' have invaded their 'restricted zones'……SO, SHOOT, PENTAGON!!! SHOOT THEM!!! What the HELL, you IDIOTS!!!

  7. Major Donald Keyhoe (USMC) was censored in 1958 by CBS while on a live broadcast for revealing the same thing claimed now by Faux News. The media (FOX NEWS) have been hand-in-hand for peddling the disinformation (e.g. fake alien autopsy special in the 90's) for decades. 'Nuf said.

  8. They are not "aliens" they are "undocumented visitors". I wonder if the libs will give them free health care, free dental, and allow them to vote?

  9. We're like uncontacted Polynesian islanders paddling our dugout canoes but occaisionally seeing steamships on the horizon and thinking what da fug!

  10. Oh !!! This is rich !!!!! A government that never told the truth about anything. Is now gonna come clean about
    UF0’s Dude please 🙄. To the sheep that believe this I give you. The 🍄 award

  11. the aliens are studying us from the shadows for sure, wonder how long until they feel that we are ready to meet. im ready as long as it doesnt lead to the survival of our species

  12. I always followed UFO stuff, but I never believed it! But I just realized that this shut could be REAL! Lol


  14. If these objects fly as close as 40 feet from the bridge of US warships why has no one attempted to shoot one down. There are gatling gun type technologies designed to shoot down drones and even better systems to bring down incoming missiles . There must be a reason why they are not seen as an imminent security threat or else the fighter jets would also have attacked them. I have a feeling we are not going to get any answers to a lot of the questions surrounding these entities.

  15. Their planet is low on water. They swoop into our oceans to scoop up water to bring home. I read this on the internet so it must be true.

  16. People are NUTS! Why does this upset you so much that the government won’t admit they exist? We all know they do. Will it help you sleep better if the government tells you they’re real?

  17. 70 years and they know little to nothing? perhaps we really are dealing with a demonic presence here. i want to know what they learned from the roswell crash now that things are supposedly declassified.

  18. Pentagon isn`t going to tell us anything truthful, I`m not so sure I believe any of this crap…..?? and why would UFO`s need to say anything to us…………….they don`t.

  19. The UFO sightings is not from any country on the Earth people cannot honestly think that we are the only living creatures ever we have not one clue what is outside of our solar system and if there is anything there they are far superior than we are in order to travel space

  20. You people are like sheep with no Shepard! There are no other worlds!! Aliens are from the earth!! They are demonic entities impersonating aliens!! You people dont even know where you live!!

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